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Credential, K-12 School Counseling Specialization

Our Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) School Counseling Credential is a 54-unit program, which qualifies individuals to work as guidance counselors in K-12 public schools. We also offer an added Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) specialization (additional 6 units), which focuses on truancy and dropout prevention issues.

Individuals admitted into our PPS School Counseling Credential program are eligible to apply for a PPS Internship Credential (valid for up to two years) if they are offered a school counseling position by a local school district before completing the program requirements. To be eligible, a student must have completed a minimum of 9 units and have passed the CBEST.

Course Requirements

Requirements for Credential, K-12 School Counseling Specialization54
Core Courses24
Take EDCO 215 and 218 in the first semester
EDCO 215. Introduction to Counseling and GuidanceGWAR3
EDCO 218. Counseling Process & Techniques3
EDCO 227. School-Family-Community Collaboration3
EDCO 232. Law & Ethics in Counseling3
EDCO 248. Dynamics of Behavior and Development3
EDCO 266. Education and Career PlanningGWAR3
EDCO 282. Assessment for Counselors3
Complete one course from:
EDCO 244. Cultural Perspectives in Counseling3
EDCO 280. Multicultural Counseling3
Advanced Courses in Professional Development21
EDCO 221. Research in Counselor Education3
EDCO 279. Advanced Group Process Theory and Practice3
EDCO 283. Advanced Educational Assessment3
EDCO 286. Organizational Change and Development3
EDCO 287. Comprehensive School Counseling Analysis3
EDCO 288. Seminar in Counseling Theory and PracticeGWAR3
Complete one course from:
EDCO 267. Practicum in Lifespan and Career Development3
EDCO 268. Lifespan Development3
Supervised Experience9
Complete 9 units of fieldwork experience across two school levels for a total of three 200-hour sections (600 hours total)
EDCO 292. Supervised Experience in Counseling9
Culminating Experience
Comprehensive Examination
Candidates must pass comprehensive examination to fulfill master's degree requirements

Total Units:54

Completion of coursework requires a minimum grade of C or higher in courses completed and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.