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Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Basic Requirements to Earn Preliminary Credential

Applicants to the Preliminary Administrative Services credential must: possess a valid California teaching credential, Pupil Personnel, Health Services, Librarianship, or Clinical Rehabilitative credential; have at least three years of successful, full-time experience in the public schools, or in private schools of equivalent status; pass all parts of the CBEST exam; successfully complete the credential program; and two page writing sample, letter of recommendation from a supervisor attesting to probable success at the master's level and potential for leadership, and complete the portfolio exit process.

Recommended Preliminary Credential Course Pattern

Course Requirements

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
At SJSU, students must pass the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). For information on the GWAR, please see
Requirements of the Credential45
EDAD 200. The School Manager3
EDAD 201. The School LeaderGWAR3
EDAD 202. The Educator3
EDAD 203. The School Human Resources Administrator3
EDAD 204. School Fiscal and Legal Leadership3
EDAD 205. The School Leader in the Community3
EDAD 206. Advocate for All Students3
EDAD 221A. Research Seminar Ed Leadership3
Complete 21 units from:
EDAD 242A. Fieldwork:Effective Leadership3
EDAD 242B. Fieldwork: Instructional Leadership6
EDAD 242C. Fieldwork: Assessing Resources6
EDAD 242D. Fieldwork: Advocacy6

Total Units:45

An instructor may waive a course if a student demonstrates competency.