Design Department

Animation and Illustration

ANI 001: Animation / Illustration Survey
ANI 012: Light & Optics
ANI 014: Color Principles for Screen Arts
ANI 024: Illustration Fundamentals
ANI 028: Animation Fundamentals
ANI 050: Visual Principles
ANI 051A: Introduction to 3D Modeling
ANI 051B: Introduction to 3D Animation
ANI 055: Beginning Drawing for Animation/Illustration
ANI 112A: Intro to Illustration/Animation
ANI 112B: Drawing for Animation/Illustration
ANI 113A: Intermediate Animation / Illustration
ANI 113B: Intermediate Project
ANI 114: Animation
ANI 115: Intermediate Animation
ANI 116: Conceptual Illustration
ANI 117A: Advanced Illustration
ANI 117B: Visual Development
ANI 118: Advanced Animation
ANI 118B: Application of Advanced Animation to Film
ANI 128A: Digital Animation I
ANI 128B: Digital Animation II
ANI 130A: Digital Modeling I
ANI 130B: Digital Modeling II
ANI 178: Animation / Illustration Internship
ANI 179: Special Topics in Animation/Illustration
ANI 180: Individual Studies
ANI 198: Senior Seminar Animation/Illustration
ANI 199: Senior Project Animation/Illustration

Design Studies

DSGN 100W: Writing Workshop: Design
DSGN 127: Internship
DSGN 148: Intro Spatial Vis Tech in Urb Plan
DSGN 180: Individual Studies
DSGN 197: BA Senior Project
DSGN 248: Spatial Visualization Tech in Urb Plan

Graphic Design

DSGD 063: Fundamental Graphic Visualization
DSGD 083: Digital Applications: Basics
DSGD 099: Introduction to Typography
DSGD 100: Visual Communication & Process
DSGD 102: Intermediate Typography
DSGD 103A: Advanced Typography I
DSGD 103B: Advanced Typography II
DSGD 104: Introduction to Graphic Design
DSGD 105: Intermediate Graphic Design
DSGD 106: Advanced Graphic Design
DSGD 107A: Special Topics in Graphic Design
DSGD 107B: Special Topics in Experience Design
DSGD 108: Graphic Design Portfolio
DSGD 110: Visual Literacy: Image Making
DSGD 111: Design Values and Professional Practices
DSGD 120: Exhibition Design & Info Graphics
DSGD 127: Design Practicum
DSGD 131: Motion Graphics
DSGD 132: User Interface & Interaction Design
DSGD 141: 3D Branding & Promotion Design
DSGD 150: Degree Project: Senior Studio
DSGD 176A: Graphic Design History and Theory
DSGD 186: Digital Applications: Methodology

Industrial Design

DSID 021: Visualization I
DSID 022: Visualization II
DSID 031: Industrial Design Foundation I
DSID 032: Industrial Design Foundation II
DSID 032A: ID Portfolio Project I
DSID 041: Materials and Processes I
DSID 121: Industrial Design Process
DSID 122: Cont. & Crit. Studies: Industrial Design
DSID 123: Intermediate Industrial Design
DSID 123A: ID Portfolio Project 2
DSID 124: Design for All
DSID 125: Advanced Industrial Design
DSID 125A: ID Portfolio Project 3
DSID 126: Ergonomics for Design
DSID 128: Advanced Projects in Industrial Design
DSID 128A: ID Portfolio Project 4
DSID 129: Visualization III
DSID 130: Sustainable Design
DSID 131: Interactive and Interface Design
DSID 132: Softgoods
DSID 133: Design Projects: Making It
DSID 134: Design and Meaning
DSID 135: Design, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Professional Practice
DSID 136: Advanced Digital Workshop
DSID 137: Advanced Physical Prototyping
DSID 143: Advanced Materials,Process & Technology
DSID 144: Design for Healthcare
DSID 176B: Industrial Design in Society
DSID 226: Ergonomics for Design

Interior Design

DSIT 005: Introduction of Interior Design and Architecture
DSIT 010: Sketching, Drawing + Modeling
DSIT 015: Architectural Drawing and 3D Modeling
DSIT 029: Design Process
DSIT 033: Architectural Presentation
DSIT 034: Interior Architecture Foundation Studio
DSIT 083: Visual Communication I
DSIT 088: Visual Communication II
DSIT 098: Architectural Forum
DSIT 100: Building Codes
DSIT 101: Architectural Systems and Materials + Adv Modeling
DSIT 102: Computer Graphics for Interior Architecture
DSIT 103: Interior Architecture Conceptual Design Studio
DSIT 104: Interior Architecture Space Planning Studio
DSIT 105: Interior Architecture Advanced Design Studio
DSIT 106: Architectural Project Materials
DSIT 107: Furniture Design
DSIT 108: Architectural Lighting Design
DSIT 109: Object Design for Interiors
DSIT 110: Capstone Thesis Studio
DSIT 111: Interior Architecture Seminar
DSIT 112: Professional Practice of Interior Archit
DSIT 116: Solar Energy Analysis
DSIT 132: Solar Home Design
DSIT 151: Introduction to Urban Design
DSIT 152: Introduction to Urban Design Studio
DSIT 192C: History of Interior Design