Applied Data Science Department


The department provides the foundation for curricular innovation, student success, instructional support, and programmatic growth in the field of applied data science. Students in our programs emerge with a comprehensive understanding of how data is selected, collected, processed, modeled, analyzed, visualized and reported. Most importantly, through our responsive curriculum, our students gain mastery in the meaningful applications of data science, thus ensuring that they have the knowledge and capability of finding solutions to real-world data challenges.

The department intends to build an academic hub jointly with other SJSU departments and industry partners for promoting education and research in applied data science. To address the immense demands for data science professionals, the department launched MS in Data Analytics program in fall 2018. This program provides students with the advanced education necessary to draw insights from real data and apply analytical skills to solve practical problems. The curriculum of this program was developed jointly by subject experts of Silicon Valley companies and the faculty members of the College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Health and Human Sciences, the College of Professional and Global Education, as well as the College of Science.