Computer Science Department

Computer Science

CS 022A: Python Programming for Non Majors I
CS 022B: Python Programming for Non Majors II
CS 025: The Digital World and Society
CS 040: Introduction to Computers
CS 042: Discrete Mathematics
CS 046A: Introduction to Programming
CS 046B: Introduction to Data Structures
CS 047: Introduction to Computer Systems
CS 049C: Programming in C
CS 049J: Programming in Java
CS 050: Scientific Computing I
CS 072: Unix and Unix Utilities
CS 085C: Practical Computing Topics
CS 100W: Technical Writing Workshop
CS 108: Introduction to Game Studies
CS 116A: Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS 116B: Computer Graphics Algorithms
CS 120A: Electronics, Data Acquisition & Analysis
CS 122: Advanced Programming with Python
CS 123A: Bioinformatics I
CS 123B: Bioinformatics II
CS 130: Windows Programming
CS 134: Computer Game Design and Programming
CS 143C: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
CS 143M: Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
CS 144: Advanced C++ Programming
CS 146: Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 147: Computer Architecture
CS 149: Operating Systems
CS 151: Object-Oriented Design
CS 152: Programming Paradigms
CS 153: Concepts of Compiler Design
CS 154: Formal Languages and Computability
CS 155: Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 156: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 157A: Introduction to Database Management Systems
CS 157B: Database Management Systems II
CS 158A: Computer Networks
CS 158B: Computer Network Management
CS 159: Introduction to Parallel Processing
CS 160: Software Engineering
CS 161: Software Project
CS 166: Information Security
CS 167B: DB2 Application Development for z/OS
CS 167C: DB2 Query Optimization for z/OS
CS 172A: Fundamentals of Unix System Administration
CS 174: Server-side Web Programming
CS 175: Mobile Device Development
CS 180: Individual Studies
CS 180H: Individual Studies for Honors
CS 185C: Advanced Practical Computing Topics
CS 190: Internship Project
CS 190I: Internship Project
CS 200W: Graduate Technical Writing
CS 216: Geometric Modeling
CS 218: Topics in Cloud Computing
CS 223: Bioinformatics
CS 235: User Interface Design
CS 243A: Advanced Numerical Analysis
CS 243B: Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis
CS 247: Advanced Computer Architecture
CS 249: Distributed Computing
CS 251A: Object-Oriented Analysis
CS 251B: Object-Oriented Design
CS 252: Advanced Programming Language Principles
CS 253: Advanced Compiler Design
CS 254: Theory of Computation
CS 255: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 256: Topics in Artificial Intelligence
CS 257: Database System Principles
CS 258: Computer Communication Systems
CS 259: Advanced Parallel Processing
CS 262: Randomized Algorithms and Applications
CS 265: Cryptography and Computer Security
CS 266: Topics in Information Security
CS 267: Topics in Database Systems
CS 268: Topics in Wireless Mobile Networking
CS 274: Topics in XML and Web Intelligence
CS 280: Graduate Individual Studies
CS 286: Advanced Topics in Computer Science
CS 297: Preparation for Writing Project or Thesis
CS 298: Master's Writing Project
CS 299: Master's Thesis