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Communication Studies Department

Communication Studies

COMM 010: Communication and Human Relationships
COMM 020: Public Speaking
COMM 020N: Public Speaking for Nonnative Speakers
COMM 021: Performing Culture and Society
COMM 040: Argumentation and Advocacy
COMM 041: Critical Decision Making
COMM 045: Media and Culture
COMM 074: Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication
COMM 074Q: Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication
COMM 080: Communication Workshop
COMM 091A: Activity Project in Forensics: Intramural Debate
COMM 091B: Activity Projects in Forensics: Intramural Platform Speaking
COMM 091J: Judge Training
COMM 100W: Writing Workshop: Writing for Influence
COMM 101C: Junior Seminar: Theorizing Communication
COMM 105P: Communication, Self and Society
COMM 110F: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 111P: Interviewing
COMM 113P: Games in Everyday Life
COMM 114P: Business and Professional Speaking
COMM 115P: Communication and Conflict
COMM 116P: Mediation: Theory and Practice
COMM 117F: Understanding Play & Games
COMM 119I: Researching Games
COMM 120P: Persuasive & Presentation Skills
COMM 121P: Performance as Practice
COMM 122F: Performance Studies
COMM 123I: Performance of Ethnodrama
COMM 124P: Communication Training and Development
COMM 125P: Ensemble Performance
COMM 126F: Race and Performance
COMM 130F: Activism, Action, and Resistance
COMM 131P: New Media/You Media
COMM 132F: Dis/Ability Communication
COMM 133F: Ethical Problems in Communication
COMM 140P: Argumentation and Debate
COMM 141P: Small Group Communication
COMM 144F: Organizational Communication
COMM 145I: Rhetorical and Cultural Criticism
COMM 146F: Communication and the Environment
COMM 147P: Argumentation and Persuasion in Courts of Law
COMM 148P: Environmental Advocacy
COMM 149F: Rhetoric and Public Life
COMM 150I: Inquiry in Organizational Communication
COMM 151I: New Media/New Methods
COMM 152I: Communication in World Cultures
COMM 153I: Discourse Analysis
COMM 154I: Ethnography for Communication Studies
COMM 155I: Quantitative Communication Inquiry
COMM 156I: Observation and Interviewing Methods
COMM 157SL: Community Action/Community Service
COMM 160F: Language, Meaning and Culture
COMM 161F: Communication and Culture
COMM 164F: Communication and Global Organizations
COMM 165P: Communication and Organizational Philanthropy
COMM 168A: Global Climate Change I
COMM 168B: Global Climate Change II
COMM 169I: The Media: Response and Criticism
COMM 170F: Persuasion
COMM 172F: Multicultural Communication in the United States
COMM 173F: Intercultural Communication and Global Understanding
COMM 174: Intercultural Comm & Struct Inequality
COMM 175F: Nonverbal Communication
COMM 176P: Communication and Gender
COMM 178F: Critical Intercultural Communication Studies
COMM 179: Global Media and Resistance
COMM 180: Individual Studies
COMM 181F: New Media/New World
COMM 182P: Communication in the Classroom
COMM 184: Directed Reading
COMM 190: Activity Projects in Speech
COMM 190I: Activity Proj in Speech International
COMM 191A: Activity Projects in Forensics
COMM 191B: Activity Projects in Forensics
COMM 191C: Activity Projects in Forensics
COMM 191J: Activity Projects in Forensics
COMM 191M: Activity Projects in Forensics
COMM 193: Activity Projects in Intercultural/International Communication
COMM 194: Specialized Projects for International Immersion
COMM 195: Special Topics in Communication Studies
COMM 198: Applied Activity in Communication
COMM 199C: Senior Seminar: Synthesis & Application
COMM 200R: Graduate Study in Communication
COMM 201: Communication Methodologies
COMM 210R: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
COMM 231R: Performing Presentational Aesthetics
COMM 232R: Seminar in Performance and Culture
COMM 240R: Seminar in Argument and Debate
COMM 241R: Seminar in Small Group Communication
COMM 244R: Seminar in Organizational Communication
COMM 245R: Seminar in Communication Criticism
COMM 249R: Seminar in the Philosophy of Communication
COMM 250R: Seminar in Communication Theory: Critical and Interpretive
COMM 255R: Seminar in Communication Theory
COMM 265: Seminar in Crisis Communication
COMM 269R: Seminar in Contemporary Communication
COMM 274R: Seminar in Intercultural Communication
COMM 280: Independent Study
COMM 282R: Seminar in Communication Pedagogy
COMM 285A: Teaching Associate Practicum I
COMM 285B: Teaching Associate Practicum II
COMM 291: Communication Studies Graduate Internship Program
COMM 295R: Special Topics in Communication
COMM 297: Advanced Writing Workshop
COMM 298: Master's Project
COMM 299: Master's Thesis

Speech Education

SPED 184Y: Student Teaching II - Classroom Teaching
SPED 184Z: Student Teaching III - Classroom Teaching
SPED 242C: Educational Internship in Teaching