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Computer Engineering

BS - Computer Engineering

Course Requirements

General Education Requirements27
Of the 51 units required by the university, 24 units may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Consult major advisor for details.
American Institutions(6)
Of the 6 units required by the university, all may be satisfied within general education requirements as specified in the schedule of classes.
Physical Education2
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement(3)
At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. For additional information on the WST, please see Exceptions to the GWAR may be found at
Preparation for the Major29-31
CHEM 001A. General ChemistryB1+B35
MATH 030. Calculus IB43
May substitute MATH 030 for MATH 030P
MATH 031. Calculus IIB44
MATH 032. Calculus IIIB43
MATH 042. Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 123. Differential Equations and Linear Algebra3
PHYS 050. General Physics/MechanicsB1+B34
PHYS 051. General Physics/Electricity and MagnetismB1+B34
Requirement of the Major76
Core Courses14
CMPE 030. Programming Concepts and Methodology3
ENGR 010. Introduction to Engineering3
ME 019. Graphics for Engineers1
EE 097. Introductory Electrical Engineering Laboratory1
EE 098. Introduction to Circuit Analysis3
Complete one course from:
ME 109. Heat Transfer in Electronics3
MATE 153. Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials3
Required Courses56
CMPE 050. Object-Oriented Concepts and Methodology3
CMPE 102. Fundamentals of Embedded Software3
CMPE 110. Electronics for Embedded Systems3
CMPE 124. Digital Design I3
CMPE 125. Digital Design II3
CMPE 126. Algorithms and Data Structure Design3
CMPE 127. Microprocessor Design I3
CMPE 130. Advanced Algorithm Design3
CMPE 131. Software Engineering I3
CMPE 140. Computer Architecture and Design3
CMPE 142. Operating Systems Design3
CMPE 146. Real-Time Embedded System Co-Design3
CMPE 148. Computer Networks I3
CMPE 152. Compiler Design3
CMPE 195A. Senior Design Project I1
CMPE 195B. Senior Design Project II3
CMPE 198. Technology and CivilizationV3
EE 101. Circuits Concepts and Problem Solving1
ENGR 100W. Engineering ReportsZ+R3
ISE 130. Engineering Probability and Statistics3
Approved Upper Division Electives6
Selected in consultation with the student's advisor

Total Units:134-136