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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

CMPE 030: Programming Concepts and Methodology
CMPE 050: Object-Oriented Concepts and Methodology
CMPE 102: Assembly Language Programming
CMPE 110: Electronics for Computing Systems
CMPE 120: Computer Organization and Architecture
CMPE 124: Digital Design I
CMPE 125: Digital Design II
CMPE 126: Algorithms and Data Structure Design
CMPE 127: Microprocessor Design I
CMPE 130: Advanced Algorithm Design
CMPE 131: Software Engineering I
CMPE 132: Information Security
CMPE 133: Software Engineering II
CMPE 135: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
CMPE 137: Wireless Mobile Software Engineering
CMPE 138: Database Systems I
CMPE 139: Fundamentals of Data Mining
CMPE 140: Computer Architecture and Design
CMPE 142: Operating Systems Design
CMPE 146: Real-Time Embedded System Co-Design
CMPE 147: Fundamentals of System on Chip (SoC) Design
CMPE 148: Computer Networks I
CMPE 150: System Architecture and Electronic Design for Robotics
CMPE 152: Compiler Design
CMPE 163: Introduction to Computer Graphics and Augmented Reality
CMPE 165: Software Engineering Process Management
CMPE 172: Enterprise Software Platforms
CMPE 180: Individual Studies
CMPE 180A: Data Structures and Algorithms in C++
CMPE 180B: Database Systems
CMPE 180C: Operating Systems Design
CMPE 180D: Digital Design and Microprocessors
CMPE 181: Internet of Things Platforms
CMPE 182: Internet of Things Security
CMPE 187: Software Quality Engineering
CMPE 188: Machine Learning for Big Data
CMPE 189: Special Topics in Computer Engineering
CMPE 195A: Senior Design Project I
CMPE 195B: Senior Design Project II
CMPE 195E: Senior Design Project I
CMPE 195F: Senior Design Project II
CMPE 197: Cooperative Education Project
CMPE 198: Technology and Civilization
CMPE 200: Computer Architecture
CMPE 202: Software Systems Engineering
CMPE 203: Software Engineering Management
CMPE 206: Computer Network Design
CMPE 207: Network Programming and Application
CMPE 208: Network Architecture and Protocols
CMPE 209: Network Security
CMPE 210: Software-defined Networks and Network Functions Virtualization
CMPE 211: Advanced Network Security in IoT
CMPE 212: System Verification
CMPE 213: Parallel Computing
CMPE 214: GPU Architecture and Programming
CMPE 217: Human Computer Interaction
CMPE 219: HCI for Cyber Security
CMPE 220: System Software
CMPE 226: Database Systems
CMPE 235: Mobile Software System Design
CMPE 236: Mobile Web Application Systems
CMPE 240: Advanced Computer Design
CMPE 242: Embedded Hardware Design
CMPE 243: Embedded Systems Applications
CMPE 244: Embedded Software
CMPE 245: Embedded Wireless Architecture
CMPE 246: Interface Design in Embedded Systems
CMPE 255: Data Mining
CMPE 256: Large Scale Analytics
CMPE 257: Machine Learning
CMPE 258: Deep Learning
CMPE 264: Advanced Digital and Computing System Design
CMPE 265: High Speed Digital System Design
CMPE 266: Big Data Engineering and Analytics
CMPE 270: Information Engineering
CMPE 272: Enterprise Software Platforms
CMPE 273: Enterprise Distributed Systems
CMPE 274: Business Intelligence Technologies
CMPE 275: Enterprise Application Development
CMPE 277: Smartphone Application Development
CMPE 279: Software Security Technologies
CMPE 280: Web UI Design and Development
CMPE 281: Cloud Technologies
CMPE 282: Cloud Services
CMPE 283: Virtualization Technologies
CMPE 284: Storage and Network Virtualization
CMPE 285: Software Engineering Processes
CMPE 287: Software Quality Assurance and Testing
CMPE 289: Cloud Security Engineering
CMPE 292: Int'l Program Studies
CMPE 294: Computer Engineering Seminar
CMPE 294A: Cyber Security Seminar
CMPE 295A: Master Project I
CMPE 295B: Master Project II
CMPE 295W: Master Project
CMPE 296Y: High Level Synthesis
CMPE 296Z: System Architecture
CMPE 297: Special Topics in Computer/Software Engineering
CMPE 298: Special Problems
CMPE 298I: Computer/Software Engineering Internship
CMPE 299A: Master Thesis I
CMPE 299B: Master Thesis II

Software Engineering

SE 116A: Introduction to Computer Graphics
SE 116B: Computer Graphics Algorithms
SE 123A: Bioinformatics I
SE 123B: Bioinformatics II
SE 134: Computer Game Design and Programming
SE 139: Fundamentals of Data Mining
SE 152: Programming Paradigms
SE 153: Concepts of Compiler Design
SE 154: Formal Languages and Computability
SE 155: Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms
SE 156: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
SE 157B: Database Management Systems II
SE 158B: Computer Network Management
SE 174: Server-side Web Programming
SE 180: Individual Studies