Biomedical, Chemical and Materials Engineering Department

BS - Biomedical Engineering

University Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all residency, curriculum, unit, and GPA requirements as outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of the Policies and Procedures.

4-Year Program Roadmap

Students may find a roadmap for this program here. These roadmaps are an advising tool that outlines a path of courses a student can take to complete requirements for graduation. Roadmaps should be used in consultation with the catalog and your advisor to identify additional requirements for completing the major (for example course grade minimums).

Major Exceptions

This degree program meets certain University Requirements through approved major modifications. Please see the Major Exceptions area in the Policy and Procedures section of this catalog to identify the specific adjustments for this degree program or contact your major advisor for more details.

Major-Specific Graduation Requirements

The following course in Preparation for the Major must be completed with a "C or Better": ENGL 001B.

The following courses in Required in the Major Lower Division Core (LD Core) must be satisfied "C- or Better": MATH 030, MATH 031, MATH 032, PHYS 050, PHYS 051, Biol 030 and ENGR 010.

The Junior Core which consists of Math 133A, BME 115, BME 117*, BME 177*, Engr 100W*, Chem 8, and Chem 9 must be completed with a GPA higher than 2.0, and no individual course grade lower than C-. Those identified with an asterisk (*) must be completed before enrolling in Senior Project (BME 198A).

Prerequisite Requirements

Any course that is prerequisite to any Chemistry Course must be passed with a grade of "C or better" (C- not accepted).

Course Requirements

University Graduation Requirements18
Core Lower Division General Education6
Of the 39 units required by the university, 33 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Courses that meet GE Areas A1, A2, A3 or B4 must be passed with a "C-" or better to meet the requirement. Consult with major advisor for details.
Upper Division General Education
Of the 9 units required by the university, 9 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Consult with major advisor for details.
American Institutions12
Coursework shown below for the 6 units required by the university are double counted within GE. Other courses do meet the American Institutions requirement, but may not include additional GE areas. Consult with major advisor for details.
AMS 001A. American CivilizationM46
AMS 001B. American CivilizationM56
Physical Education
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
At SJSU, students must pass both the SJSU Writing Skills Test (WST) and a 100W course. For additional information on the WST, please see Exceptions to the GWAR may be found at
A grade of C or better (C- not accepted) is required to meet graduation requirement.
Preparation for the Major42
BIOL 030. Principles of Biology IB2+B34
CHEM 001A. General ChemistryB1+B35
CHEM 001B. General ChemistryB1+B35
CHEM 008. Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 009. Organic Chemistry Lab1
ENGL 001B. Argument and AnalysisC23
or equivalent second semester composition course.
MATH 030. Calculus IB43
MATH 031. Calculus IIB44
MATH 032. Calculus IIIB43
PHYS 050. General Physics/MechanicsB1+B34
PHYS 051. General Physics/Electricity and MagnetismB1+B34
Complete one course from:
MATH 123. Differential Equations and Linear Algebra3
MATH 133A. Ordinary Differential Equations3
Requirements of the Major60
Core Courses17
CE 095. Theory and Application of Statics3
EE 098. Introduction to Circuit Analysis3
ENGR 010. Introduction to EngineeringE3
ENGR 100W. Engineering ReportsZ+R3
MATE 025. Introduction to Materials3
ME 020. Design and Graphics2
Biomedical Engineering Specific Courses34
BME 115. Foundations of Biomedical Engineering4
BME 117. Biotransport Phenomena3
BME 130. Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering3
BME 147. Quantitative and Statistical Methods for Biomedical Engineers3
BME 167. Introduction to Engineering Biomechanics3
BME 174. Biomedical Regulatory Requirements3
BME 175. Biomaterials3
BME 177. Physiology for Engineers3
BME 178. Biomedical Product Realization3
BME 198A. Senior Design Project IS2
BME 198B. Senior Design Project IIV2
ENGR 195A. Global and Social Issues in EngineeringS1
ENGR 195B. Global and Social Issues in EngineeringV1
Must take BME 198A/B and ENGR 195 A/B to meet GE Area S and V requirements
Technical Major Electives9
Electives must be selected from the approved departmental list in consultation with the students' advisor.

Total Units:120