Chemical and Materials Engineering Department

Chemical Engineering

CHE 109: Heat Transfer in Electronics
CHE 115: Industrial Chemical Calculations
CHE 131: Air Pollution Meteorology
CHE 151: Process Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE 158: Kinetics and Reactor Design
CHE 160A: Unit Operations I
CHE 160B: Unit Operations II
CHE 161: Process Safety and Engineering Ethics
CHE 161L: Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Laboratory
CHE 162: Engineering Statistics and Analysis
CHE 163L: Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
CHE 165A: Plant Design I
CHE 165B: Plant Design II
CHE 172: Biofuels Process Engineering
CHE 174: Hazardous Materials
CHE 176: Energy Storage Systems
CHE 180: Individual Studies
CHE 180R: Undergraduate Research and Projects
CHE 185: Chemical Process Dynamics and Control
CHE 190: Introduction to Transport Phenomena
CHE 192: Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
CHE 193: Microbiological Techniques
CHE 194: Biochemical Engineering Lab
CHE 197: Cooperative Education Project
CHE 199: Special Topics in Chemical and Materials Engineering
CHE 200: Research Methods
CHE 207: Mass Transfer
CHE 211: Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHE 218: Reaction Kinetics
CHE 219: Transport Processes
CHE 281: MS Thesis/Project Preparation Seminar
CHE 291: Industrial Bioseparations
CHE 293: Applied Bioinformatics
CHE 297: Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHE 298: MS Research/Project
CHE 298I: MS Research/Project Internship
CHE 299: Master's Thesis
CHE 299I: Master's Thesis Internship
CHE 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision

Materials Engineering

MATE 025: Introduction to Materials
MATE 115: Structure/Properties of Solids
MATE 129: Introduction to Integrated Circuits Processing and Design
MATE 131: Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing
MATE 135: Introduction to Composite Materials
MATE 141: Structure and Analysis of Materials
MATE 143: Principles of Scanning Electron Microscopy
MATE 144: X-Ray Diffraction Lab
MATE 145: Principles of Scanning Probe Microscopy
MATE 151: Solid State Thermodynamics
MATE 152: Solid State Kinetics
MATE 153: Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
MATE 154: Metals and Alloys
MATE 155: Materials Selection and Process Design
MATE 165: Photovoltaic Fabrication/Testing Lab
MATE 168: Microfluid Fabrication and Design
MATE 169: Microelectromechanical Systems Fabrication and Design
MATE 175: Biomaterials
MATE 180: Individual Studies
MATE 185: Ceramics
MATE 186: Polymers
MATE 195: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MATE 197: Cooperative Education Project
MATE 198A: Senior Design Project
MATE 198B: Senior Design Project
MATE 199: Special Topics in Chemical and Materials Engineering
MATE 205: Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Solids
MATE 210: Experimental Methods in Materials Engineering
MATE 215: Solid State Materials Engineering
MATE 220: Principles and Applications of Electrochemistry
MATE 232: Plasma Processing of Materials
MATE 241: Advanced Methods of Materials Characterization
MATE 251: Advanced Solid State Thermodynamics
MATE 260: Theory of Semiconductor Materials
MATE 265: Principles of Nanomaterials
MATE 270: Methods of Thin Film Deposition
MATE 281: MS Thesis/Project Preparation Seminar
MATE 297: Special Topics in Materials Engineering
MATE 298: MS Research/Project
MATE 298I: Master's Project Internship
MATE 299: Master's Thesis
MATE 299I: Master's Thesis Internship
MATE 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision