Chemistry Department

MA - Chemistry

This degree is designed for persons who seek to augment and enhance their knowledge of chemistry beyond the bachelor's level. It is intended only for those who are interested in high school or community college teaching, technical librarianship, scientific writing or those with significant research experience currently employed in the industrial sector. It is not recommended for those who wish to conduct or direct chemical research without prior industrial research experience.

Completing the Requirements for the MA - Chemistry

The program shall include 30 semester units beyond the bachelor's degree.

The course and unit requirements for the MA are the same as those for the MS listed above, with the following exceptions:

1. A maximum of two units of CHEM 285 and/or CHEM 291C shall be applied toward the degree.

2. The four-unit CHEM 298 research project for the MS degree shall be replaced by an approved three-unit (CHEM 297) MA project.

3. The MA program shall include an advanced chemistry laboratory course (2-4 units).

4. Master's Project Presentation (departmental seminar and final oral examination).

5. Submission of an M.A. Thesis approved by the student's research committee and by Graduate Studies.

Course Requirements

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
At SJSU, students must pass the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). For information on the GWAR, please see
Requirements of the Masters30
Required Courses18
CHEM 120S. Chemical Safety Seminar1
CHEM 200-Level courses15
Complete 2 units from:
CHEM 285. Seminar0.5
Any Chemistry graduate advisor approved 100- or 200-level Chemistry course (19-21); one of the electives must be an advanced chemistry laboratory course (2-4)
Culminating Experience5
CHEM 297. MA Special Study1-3
CHEM 299. Master's Thesis1-6

Total Units:30