Chemistry Department


CHEM 001A: General Chemistry
CHEM 001B: General Chemistry
CHEM 008: Organic Chemistry
CHEM 009: Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 010: Chemical Calculations and Concepts
CHEM 030A: Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 030B: Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 055: Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 055L: Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
CHEM 090: Problem Solving for Chemistry
CHEM 100W: Writing Workshop: Chemical Communications
CHEM 101: Chemistry and the Computer
CHEM 112A: Organic Chemistry
CHEM 112B: Organic Chemistry
CHEM 113A: Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 113B: Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 114: Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 118: Special Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 120S: Chemical Safety Seminar
CHEM 121S: Radiation Safety
CHEM 123: Radiation and Biological Systems
CHEM 126: Introduction to Nuclear Science
CHEM 127: Nuclear Science Lab
CHEM 130A: Biochemistry
CHEM 130B: Biochemistry
CHEM 130C: Biochemistry
CHEM 131A: Biochemistry Lab
CHEM 131B: Biochemistry Lab
CHEM 132: Introductory Biochemistry
CHEM 132L: Introductory Biochemistry Lab
CHEM 135: General Biochemistry
CHEM 137: Medical Biochemistry
CHEM 137L: Medical Biochemistry Lab
CHEM 145: Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 146: Physical-Inorganic Techniques
CHEM 155: Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 159: Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 160: Physical Chemistry
CHEM 161A: Physical Chemistry
CHEM 161B: Physical Chemistry
CHEM 162L: Physical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 172: Chemistry of Wine
CHEM 173: Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 180: Individual Studies
CHEM 184: Directed Reading
CHEM 190: Advanced Problem Solving for Chemistry
CHEM 191: Undergraduate Seminar
CHEM 199: Senior Thesis or Project
CHEM 201: Graduate Studies in Chemistry
CHEM 203: Methods of Instruction in Chemistry
CHEM 205: Methods of Chemical Research
CHEM 210: Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM 212: Natural Products
CHEM 213: Organic Synthesis
CHEM 214: Heterocyclic Compounds
CHEM 216: Physical Organic Chemistry
CHEM 218: Organotransition Metal Chemistry
CHEM 227L: Synthesis with Radioisotopes
CHEM 231: Advanced Biochemistry
CHEM 232: Nucleic Acids
CHEM 233: Immunochemistry
CHEM 234: Enzymology
CHEM 235: Biochemical Separation Methods
CHEM 236: Biophysical Methods
CHEM 237: Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 245: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 250: Current Topics in Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 258: Advanced Analytical Chemistry - Chemometrics
CHEM 259: Advanced Analytical Chemistry - Electrochemistry
CHEM 261: Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics
CHEM 262: Chemical Kinetics
CHEM 263: Quantum Chemistry
CHEM 264: Chemical Applications of Group Theory
CHEM 265: Molecular Spectroscopy
CHEM 268: Laser Spectroscopy
CHEM 270: Advanced Chemistry
CHEM 270L: Advanced Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 272: Addition Polymerization
CHEM 273: Condensation Polymerization
CHEM 276: Physical Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 277: Analytical Polymer Chemistry
CHEM 285: Seminar
CHEM 291: Divisional Seminar
CHEM 297: MA Special Study
CHEM 298: Research
CHEM 299: Master's Thesis
CHEM 1290R: Thesis Supervison