Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Civil Engineering

CE 008: Plane Surveying
CE 020: Engineering Graphics, CAD and Programming
CE 095: Theory and Application of Statics
CE 099: Introductory Statics
CE 112: Mechanics of Materials
CE 113: Mechanics of Materials Laboratory
CE 120: Construction Materials Laboratory
CE 121: Transportation Engineering
CE 122: Traffic Engineering
CE 123: Highway and Street Design
CE 130: Civil Engineering Economic Analysis
CE 131: Introduction to Construction Engineering
CE 132: Construction Methods and Equipment
CE 134: Project Management for Construction
CE 140: Geotechnical Engineering
CE 144: Transport in Porous Media
CE 145: Foundation Engineering
CE 150: Introduction to Hydrology and Hydraulics
CE 152: Engineering Hydrology
CE 154: Hydraulic Design
CE 160: Structural Analysis
CE 162: Structural Concrete Design
CE 163: Design of Steel Structures
CE 164: Design of Wood Structures
CE 165: Earthquake Resistant Design
CE 170: Principles of Environmental Engineering
CE 171: Environmental Engineering Analysis and Design
CE 172: Solid Waste Management Engineering
CE 173: Engineering for Sustainable Environment
CE 174: Design of Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems
CE 180: Individual Studies
CE 181: Civil Engineering Systems
CE 190: Numerical Solutions of Civil Engineering Problems
CE 192: Probabilistic Models for Civil Engineering Decisions
CE 210: Advanced Mechanics
CE 212: Structural Dynamics
CE 220: Rigid and Flexible Pavement Design
CE 221: Advanced Highway Design
CE 222: Transportation Engineering Planning
CE 224: Traffic Operations
CE 225: Public Transportation Systems
CE 226: Topics in Transportation Engineering
CE 232: Construction Estimating and Cost Analysis
CE 234: Construction Law
CE 236: Construction Operations Analysis
CE 237: Sustainable Construction
CE 238: Advanced Construction Project Management
CE 239: Information Technology in Construction
CE 240: Advanced Soil Mechanics
CE 243: Advanced Foundation Design
CE 245: Geotechnical/Structural Seminar
CE 246: Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
CE 247: Earth Retention and Stability
CE 248: Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis
CE 250: Modeling in Water Resources Engineering
CE 251: Hydraulics of Open Channels
CE 252: Advanced Hydrology
CE 254: Water Resources Systems Management
CE 255: Sediment Transport
CE 256: Sustainable Water Resources Engineering
CE 258: GIS Applications in Water Resources Engineering
CE 260: Matrix Analysis of Structures
CE 261: Advanced Structural Concrete Design
CE 264: Prestressed Concrete Design
CE 265: Advanced Seismic Design
CE 267: Advanced Steel Design
CE 269: Advanced Topics in Structural Design
CE 270: Environmental Engineering Process Kinetics
CE 271: Physical/Chemical Processes in Environmental Pollution Control
CE 272: Biological Processes in Environmental Pollution Control
CE 273: Water Treatment and Plant Design
CE 274: Wastewater Treatment and Plant Design
CE 275: Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management and Treatment
CE 276: Management and Reuse of Process Solids
CE 277: Environmental Sustainability
CE 279: Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
CE 297: Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CE 298: Special Problems
CE 299: Master's Thesis or Project