Child and Adolescent Development, Department of

Minor - Atypical Child Studies

Provides a solid foundation in both normative and atypical early childhood development. Particularly beneficial for students who plan to pursue careers in a number of branches of the social and life sciences, education, medicine and other human services professions focusing on atypical infants/children and their families.

Course Requirements

Requirements of the Minor15
Core Courses9
CHAD 060. Child DevelopmentE3
EDSE 104. Atypical Development in Young Children3
EDSE 108. Assessment and Evaluation: Atypical Young Children3
Elective Courses6
Complete two courses from:
CHAD 161. Administration of Early Childhood Progs3
CHAD 164. Contemporary Parenting3
CHAD 168. Social and Emotional Development in Childhood and Adolescence3
EDSE 102. Speech, Language & Typical, Atypical Dev3

Total Units:15