Child and Adolescent Development, Department of

Child and Adolescent Development

CHAD 060: Child Development
CHAD 070: Lifespan Development in the 21st Century
CHAD 075: Imagination, Play and Adult Creativity
CHAD 100W: Writing Workshop
CHAD 101: Research Methods in Child Development
CHAD 102: Development of Self in a Culturally Diverse Society
CHAD 104: Program Evaluation and Assessment in Community-Based Programs
CHAD 106: Concepts of Childhood
CHAD 130: Coding for Scientific Discovery
CHAD 131: Equity,Resilience,Risk in Public Schools
CHAD 132: Education from a Global Perspective
CHAD 133: Introduction to K-8 Math/Science Instruction
CHAD 134: K-8 Math & Science Practicum
CHAD 135: Development of Language & Literacy in Children
CHAD 136: Foundations of K-8 Language Arts & Social Studies
CHAD 137: K-8 Language Arts & Social Studies Practicum
CHAD 149: Child Health and Physical Activity
CHAD 150: Development of Communicative Competence
CHAD 151: Developing Literacy in a Diverse Society
CHAD 152: Foundations for Early Childhood Curriculum
CHAD 157: Adult Supervision for Programs Serving Children, Youth, and Families
CHAD 158: Practicum in Community-Based Organizations Serving Children and Youth
CHAD 159: Child Development K-8 Practicum
CHAD 160: Child Development Practicum
CHAD 161: Administration of Early Childhood Progs
CHAD 162: Childhood and Adolescence in a Multicultural Society
CHAD 163: Critical Issues in Adolescent Development
CHAD 164: Contemporary Parenting
CHAD 165: Risk and Resilience in a Community Context
CHAD 168: Social and Emotional Development in Childhood and Adolescence
CHAD 169: Motivating Children and Adolescents in Educational Settings
CHAD 170: Contextual Influences on Cognitive Development
CHAD 173: Crit. Issues in Infant/Toddler Develop.
CHAD 180: Individual Studies
CHAD 195: Senior Seminar in Child Development
CHAD 199: Senior Honors Thesis
CHAD 260A: Seminar in Child and Adolescent Development: Research
CHAD 260B: Seminar in Child and Adolescent Development
CHAD 262: Multicultural Issues in Child and Adolescent Development
CHAD 266: Social Policy Issues in American Childhood and Youth
CHAD 268: Seminar in Social and Emotional Development
CHAD 270: Seminar in Cognitive and Language Development
CHAD 298: Special Studies in Child and Adolescent Development
CHAD 299: Master's Thesis