Accounting and Finance

BUS1 020: Financial Accounting
BUS1 020N: Survey of Accounting
BUS1 021: Managerial Accounting
BUS1 120A: Accounting Information Systems
BUS1 120B: Advanced AIS and IS Risk Assessment
BUS1 120C: Network Environment and Accounting Controls
BUS1 120D: Accounting Topics in IT Audit
BUS1 120E: Platforms Security & E-Commerce Controls
BUS1 120G: Programming and Systems Development in AIS
BUS1 121A: Intermediate Accounting I
BUS1 121B: Intermediate Accounting II
BUS1 122A: Management Accounting and Control Systems
BUS1 123A: Tax Factors of Business and Investment Decision
BUS1 123C: Taxation of Individuals and Pass Through Entities
BUS1 124: Forensic Accounting
BUS1 125: Special Financial Reporting Topics
BUS1 125A: Advanced Writing for Accounting
BUS1 125B: Accounting Ethics
BUS1 125C: Professional Development and Communications
BUS1 125D: Internship in Accounting
BUS1 126: Advanced Accounting
BUS1 127A: Honors Practicum in Corporate Financial Management
BUS1 127B: Advanced Honors Practicum
BUS1 128: Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations
BUS1 129A: Financial Auditing
BUS1 129B: Operational Auditing
BUS1 170: Fundamentals of Finance
BUS1 171A: Financial Institutions and Markets
BUS1 171B: Commercial Banking
BUS1 172A: Investment Analysis
BUS1 172B: Portfolio Management
BUS1 172C: Futures and Options
BUS1 172D: Student Managed Investment Fund
BUS1 173A: Financial Management: Theory and Policy
BUS1 173B: Problems in Financial Management
BUS1 173C: Entrepreneurial Finance
BUS1 175: Real Estate Finance
BUS1 177: International Business Finance
BUS1 179B: Selected Topics in Business Finance
BUS1 196A: Data Analytics for Accounting
BUS1 196B: Corporate Finance II


BUS 180: Individual Studies in Business
BUS 200: Business, Economics and Society
BUS 200W: Business Research and Communications
BUS 201: Business Communications
BUS 202: Managing in the Global Economy
BUS 203: International Experience for American Executives
BUS 210: Developing and Managing People
BUS 211: Orientation and Behavioral Workshop
BUS 220: Financial and Managerial Accounting
BUS 220A: Financial Statement Analysis for Accountants
BUS 220B: Financial Reporting and Analysis I
BUS 220C: Accounting Information Systems I
BUS 220D: Financial Analysis and Markets
BUS 220E: Financial Reporting and Analysis II
BUS 220F: Management Accounting and Control Systems
BUS 220G: Tax Factors of Business and Investment Decisions: Theory and Practice
BUS 220H: Auditing: Concepts/Practice
BUS 220I: Forensic Accounting
BUS 220J: Business Communications & Ethics
BUS 220K: Accounting Practicum
BUS 220L: Legal and Ethical Environment of Accounting Practice
BUS 220M: Accounting Ethics
BUS 220N: Management of Organizations and Projects
BUS 220P: Taxation of Individuals and Flow-Through Entities
BUS 220R: Software Applications for Accounting
BUS 220S: Financial Reporting and Analysis III
BUS 220T: Accounting Information/Tax
BUS 220U: IT Audit & Internal Controls
BUS 220V: Special Topics in Accounting
BUS 220X: Business Analysis and Valuation Using Financial Statements
BUS 220Y: Professional Communications and Relationships III
BUS 220Z: Data Analytics for Accounting
BUS 222: Profit Planning and Control
BUS 223A: Tax Research and Decision Making
BUS 223B: Taxation of Partnerships
BUS 223D: Seminar in Tax Planning and Practice
BUS 223F: Tax Accounting Methods/Periods
BUS 223G: Taxation of Business Entities
BUS 223H: Tax Policy Capstone
BUS 224: Financial Statement Analysis
BUS 224C: Financial Accounting & Financial Aspect of Med Product Dev
BUS 225A: Taxation of Estates and Trusts
BUS 225B: Taxation of Corporate Reorganizations
BUS 225C: International Tax - US Corporations with Foreign Activities
BUS 225D: International Tax - Individuals and Foreign Corporations
BUS 225E: Data Analytics and Security
BUS 225F: State Taxation Fundamentals
BUS 225G: Taxation of S Corporations
BUS 225H: Taxation of Property Transactions
BUS 225I: Tax Practices, Penalties and Procedures
BUS 225J: Taxation of Executive Compensation
BUS 225K: Advanced Individual Taxes
BUS 225L: Accounting for Income Taxes
BUS 225M: State Tax Planning
BUS 225N: Financing Options - New or Growing Bus
BUS 225O: Taxation of Tax Exempt Organizations
BUS 225P: Advanced International Tax - US Corporations
BUS 225S: Consolidated Returns
BUS 225T: Intermediate Acctg for Income Taxes
BUS 225U: Fundamentals of Transfer Pricing
BUS 225V: Tax Considerations for High Tech Companies
BUS 225W: Introduction to International Taxation
BUS 225X: International Taxation - US and Foreign Individuals
BUS 225Y: Accounting Ethics
BUS 225Z: Personal & Business Leadership Skills for Tax Professionals
BUS 227A: Individual Tax Compliance
BUS 227B: Ethics for Tax Practitioners
BUS 227C: Tax Symposium
BUS 227D: Employment Taxation and the Modern Workforce
BUS 227E: Foundation for Understanding Taxation
BUS 227F: Personal and Business Leadership Skills for Tax Practitioners
BUS 230: Marketing Management
BUS 231: Consumer and Market Behavior
BUS 231A: Market Forecasting
BUS 231C: High Tech Marketing
BUS 232: Third World Marketing Manager
BUS 233: Business to Business Marketing
BUS 234A: Social Media Marketing
BUS 234B: Promotional Strategy
BUS 235A: Introduction to Business Analytics
BUS 235B: Business Research
BUS 235C: Data Mining
BUS 235D: Business Analytics Simulation
BUS 236: Current Topics in Marketing
BUS 237: Sales Management
BUS 238: International Marketing
BUS 240: Electronic Commerce
BUS 241: Structured Methods of Information Technology
BUS 242: Distributed Information Systems
BUS 243: Database Management
BUS 245: Service Innovation
BUS 247: Big Data Management
BUS 248: Cyber Risk Management
BUS 250: Law and Ethics
BUS 251: Strategic Human Capital Performance Management
BUS 252: Managing Organizational Change
BUS 253: Negotiation and Conflict Management
BUS 254: Advanced Personnel Management
BUS 255: Diversity in the Workforce
BUS 258: Leading Edge Managers
BUS 259: Mg Legal Aspects of Tech & New Prod Dev
BUS 260: Managerial Decision Analysis
BUS 261: Legal Challenges for the International Manager
BUS 262: Leadership
BUS 262A: Global Leadership and Innovation
BUS 262B: Global Leadership Development
BUS 263: High Performance Management
BUS 264: Introduction to Technology Planning and Management
BUS 264A: Professional/Business Ethics
BUS 265: Silicon Valley Experience
BUS 267: Alternative Compensation Systems
BUS 268: Managing Across Cultures
BUS 268A: Global Business Management
BUS 269: Strategic Management in the Computer Industry
BUS 270: Financial Management
BUS 271: Capital Markets
BUS 272: Current Topics in Finance
BUS 273: Business Valuation
BUS 274: Financial Analysis of Technology-Based Firms
BUS 275: Corporate Finance: Cases in High Tech Firms
BUS 276: New Venture Finance
BUS 277: Investment Analysis and Management
BUS 278: International Corporate Finance
BUS 280: Operations and Supply Chain Management
BUS 280IS: Independent Study
BUS 281: Management of High Technology Organizations
BUS 282: Silicon Valley: The Business of Technology
BUS 282A: Essentials of Management and Organizational Behavior
BUS 282B: Essentials of Operations Management
BUS 283: Entrepreneurship
BUS 284: Managing Product Development
BUS 284C: Managing Medical Product Development
BUS 285: Total Quality Management
BUS 286: Project Management
BUS 287: Advanced Topics in Global Supply Chain Management
BUS 288: Manufacturing Planning, Cost and Control
BUS 289: Managing Information and High Technology
BUS 290: Strategic Thinking
BUS 294: Management Simulation Competition
BUS 295: Management Consulting Field Experience
BUS 297A: Special Topics in Business Administration
BUS 297D: Special Topics in Business Administration
BUS 298: Master's Project
BUS 298C: Applied Business Experience Internship
BUS 298I: Applied Business Experience Internship
BUS 299: Master's Thesis

Global Innovation and Leadership

BUS5 016: Introduction to Leadership & Innovation
BUS5 040: Developing Your Entrepreneurial Potential
BUS5 140: Fundamentals of Operations Management
BUS5 141: Procurement and Supply Management
BUS5 141B: Transportation & Logistics Management
BUS5 142: Total Quality Management
BUS5 142B: Business Process Management
BUS5 144: Supply Chain Management
BUS5 144B: Global Operations Analytics
BUS5 145: Global Operations Strategy
BUS5 145B: Healthcare Operations Management
BUS5 146: Fundamentals of Project Management
BUS5 147: Service Operations Management
BUS5 148: Sustainable Operations Management
BUS5 162: International and Comparative Management
BUS5 162A: International Business Strategy
BUS5 163: Management Issues in High Technology Companies
BUS5 163A: Negotiating Globally
BUS5 163B: Globalization and Innovation in Emerging and Developing Markets
BUS5 164: Strategies in High Technology Companies
BUS5 164A: Country Perspectives on Business and Management
BUS5 164B: Doing Business Globally
BUS5 165A: Global Leadership
BUS5 165B: Leadership & Innovation Practicum
BUS5 167: Managing Environmental Issues
BUS5 169B: Honors Practicum in Organization and Management
BUS5 180D: Individual Study
BUS5 181: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BUS5 182: Business Plans for New Ventures
BUS5 182A: Startup Founders & Funders
BUS5 183: Global Entrepreneurship
BUS5 184A: Management of Innovation
BUS5 185: Family Business Dynamics
BUS5 186H: Entrepreneurship Laboratory
BUS5 186S: Current Issues in Entrepreneurship
BUS5 186V: Venture Lab
BUS5 187: Global Dimensions of Business
BUS5 194: Business Organization and Management of Technology Enterprise
BUS5 196: Doing Business Globally
BUS5 196F: Critical Thinking in Business
BUS5 197: Special Topics in International Business
BUS5 198: Strategic Consulting for Small Business

Marketing and Business Analytics

BUS2 090: Business Statistics
BUS2 130: Introduction to Marketing
BUS2 131A: Business to Business Marketing
BUS2 131B: Retail Marketing Management
BUS2 131D: Marketing in New Ventures
BUS2 132B: Business Logistics
BUS2 133A: International Marketing
BUS2 133B: Relationship Marketing: Pacific Rim
BUS2 133C: International Marketing: Developing Nations
BUS2 133E: Marketing to Eastern/Western Europe
BUS2 134A: Consumer Behavior
BUS2 134B: Integrated Marketing Communications
BUS2 134C: Social Media Marketing
BUS2 135: Sales Management
BUS2 136: Product Development
BUS2 137A: Soft Skills
BUS2 137H: Marketing Honors Practicum
BUS2 137S: Special Topics in Marketing
BUS2 138: Marketing Research
BUS2 139: Marketing Management
BUS2 190: Quantitative Business Analysis
BUS2 191: Decision Making Under Uncertainty
BUS2 193: Data Mining
BUS2 194A: Statistical Analysis
BUS2 194B: Business Analytics
BUS2 195A: Spreadsheet Modeling
BUS2 195B: Data Visualization
BUS2 195C: Simulation Modeling and Analysis
BUS2 195D: Analytic Strategy

School of Information Systems and Technology

BUS4 091A: Advanced Computer Tools for Business
BUS4 091L: Computer Tools for Business
BUS4 092: Introduction to Business Programming
BUS4 110A: Fundamentals of Management Information Systems
BUS4 110B: Systems Analysis and Design
BUS4 111: Networking and Data Communications
BUS4 112: Database Management Systems
BUS4 115: Advanced Networking and Data Communications
BUS4 116: Advanced Database Management Systems
BUS4 118C: Information Security and Assurance Management
BUS4 118D: Big Data
BUS4 118H: Honors Practicum in MIS I
BUS4 118S: Special Topics in MIS
BUS4 118W: Web Based Computing
BUS4 119A: Practicum in MIS
BUS4 119B: Business Strategy and Information Systems
BUS4 119H: Honors Practicum in MIS II
BUS4 188: Business Systems and Policy

School of Management

BUS3 010: Discovering Business
BUS3 012: Managing My life
BUS3 080: Legal Environment of Business
BUS3 148: E-Commerce Management
BUS3 149: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
BUS3 150: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
BUS3 151: Labor Relations
BUS3 152: Human Resources Analytics
BUS3 153: Management of Diversity
BUS3 154: Workforce Planning, Staffing and Training
BUS3 155: Performance Management and Development
BUS3 156: International Issues in Human Resource Management
BUS3 157: Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
BUS3 158: Compensation and Reward Systems
BUS3 159: Senior Seminar in Human Resource Management
BUS3 160: Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior
BUS3 161A: Applied Organizational Behavior
BUS3 161B: Organization Theory
BUS3 166: Business, Government, & Society
BUS3 169A: Honors Seminar
BUS3 186: Professional and Business Ethics
BUS3 189: Strategic Management

Transportation Management

MTM 201: Transportation Systems and Society
MTM 202: Introduction to Transportation Funding & Finance
MTM 203: Transportation Marketing and Communications Management
MTM 214: Transportation Policy and Regulation
MTM 215: Transportation Planning and Project Development
MTM 217: Leadership and Management of Transportation Organizations
MTM 226A: Emergency Management Issues for Transportation Professionals
MTM 226B: Security Issues for Transportation Professionals
MTM 230: Multi Modal Transportation in CA
MTM 236: Managing Technology Innovations in Transportation
MTM 245: High Speed Rail Mgmt I
MTM 246: High Speed Rail Mgmt II
MTM 250: Transportation and the Environment
MTM 283: MSTM Capstone - Project Design
MTM 290: MSTM Capstone - Evaluation Report
MTM 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision