Biological Sciences Department

Masters in Biotechnology

The MBT program integrates advanced, hands-on training in laboratory-based biotechnologies with MBA-level business courses from the College of Business.

Through elective choices, students supplement the core program with additional hands-on science or MBA courses to support their career goals. MBT program graduates are highly trained individuals who have had direct exposure to the biotechnology corporate world and are ready to make immediate contributions to biotechnology companies. Graduates work in a variety of positions in research, product development, marketing, regulatory affairs, clinical affairs, project management, quality, and others.

Course Requirements

Required Core17
BIOL 202TA. Biotech Seminar: Biotech Products3
BIOL 202TB. Biotech Seminar: Drug Development Process3
BIOL 202TC. Biotech Seminar: Biotech Business I3
BIOL 205T. Advanced Molecular Techniques for Biotechnology4
BIOL 221T. Advanced Bioinformatics for Biotechnology4
Business Core9
BUS 282A. Essentials of Management and Organizational Behavior3
BUS 282B. Essentials of Operations Management3
BUS 282C. Management of Innovation in the Biotechnology Sector3
BIOL 280T. Internship in the Biotechnology Industry2
Biology or Business Elective6-9
BIOL 285T. Colloquium in Biotechnology1

Total Units:36