Biological Sciences Department

Completing Requirements for the MA/MS - Biological Sciences

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Shannon Bros-Seeman

Requirements for Admission to Classified Standing and Candidacy

Minimum requirements for admission to the Graduate Division, including satisfactory completion of the Graduate English Writing Requirements, are outlined in this catalog. To be admitted to classified graduate status, the student ordinarily will have an undergraduate degree in biological sciences or its equivalent, and will have achieved not less than a 3.0 grade point average. Applicants are expected to present an expanded statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation and Graduate Record Examination scores (if available) to the Department Graduate Coordinator. These materials will be added to Graduate Standing Summaries and transcripts and will be evaluated by faculty committees once each semester. Admission to candidacy follows admission to classified standing. Minimum university requirements are listed in this catalog. The University requires that all graduate students complete the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) as a condition for advancement to candidacy. Please refer to the SJSU catalog section titled "Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement" for details. For graduate courses that meet the GWAR, please refer to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations website at

Foreign students from countries where English is not the language of instruction throughout the educational system must meet the following requirements: a score of 610 or better on the T.O.E.F.L. (no waivers permitted) and at least a score of 400 (40%) on the verbal section of the G.R.E. (Graduate Record Examination).

Completing Requirements for the MA - Biological Sciences

See the introduction to department graduate programs for policies governing admission to classified standing for all master's programs in biology. All students, in consultation with their graduate faculty advisor and committee members, must prepare a master's degree program for approval by the Department Graduate Coordinator and the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.

MS - Biological Sciences

All students in the MS Biological Sciences Program are required to choose a concentration. There are currently three concentrations available: (1) Organismal Biology, Conservation and Ecology, (2) Physiology, (3) Molecular Biology and Microbiology.