Art and Art History Department

MFA - Art, Digital Media Art

Course Requirements

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
At SJSU, students must pass the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). For information on the GWAR, please see
Requirements of the Masters60
Graduate Seminars and Critiques in Area of Concentration6
ART 281. Interdisciplinary Critique Seminar3
Complete one course from:
ART 210. Seminar in Digital Media Art3
ART 281. Interdisciplinary Critique Seminar3
Graduate Tutorials in Area of Concentration6
ART 220. Tutorials in Digital Media Art3
ART 282A. Seminar in the Theory and Criticism of Contemporary Art3
ART 282B. Seminar in Contemporary ArtGWAR3
Additional Course3
Choose one of the following:
ART 174A. Museum and Gallery Operations3
ART 276. Artists Teaching Art3
Upper Division Art History6
Professional Writing Course3
ART 200W. Professional Writing in Contemporary ArtGWAR3
Special Study3
ART 298A. MFA Special Study3
Culminating Experience3
ART 298B. MFA Project3

Total Units:60