Art and Art History Department

Minor - Architectural Studies

The Minor in Architectural Studies provides essential preparation for students who plan to apply for graduate study in Architecture.

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Preparation for the Minor9
Complete one course from:
MATH 019. PrecalculusB45
MATH 030. Calculus IB43
Complete one course from:
PHYS 001. Elementary PhysicsB13
PHYS 002A. Fundamentals of PhysicsB1+B34
Complete one course from:
ARTH 070A. Art History, Prehistoric to MedievalC13
ARTH 070B. Art History, Renaissance to ModernC13
Requirements in the Minor12
Art History Requirement6
Complete two courses from:
ARTH 160. Modern Architecture3
ARTH 161. Contemporary Architecture3
ARTH 162. California Architecture3
ARTH 163. Twentieth Century Urban Design3
ARTH 192C. History of Interior Design3
Interior Design Requirements3
Complete one course from:
DSIT 005. Introduction of Interior Design and Architecture3
DSIT 010. Sketching, Drawing + Modeling3
DSIT 029. Design Process3
DSIT 034. Interior Architecture Foundation Studio3
DSIT 098. Architectural Forum3
DSIT 103. Interior Architecture Conceptual Design Studio3
Art Requirements3
3 units must include a second studio course, either from the Interior Design requirement or from the following.
ART 013. Three-Dimensional Design Concepts3
ART 024. Drawing I3
ART 026. Drawing II3
ART 068. Beginning Sculpture: Object & Concept3
ART 172. Intermediate Sculpture: System/Structure3
ART 173. Topics in Installation Art3

Total Units:21