Art and Art History Department


ART 001: Professional Preparation in Art
ART 002: The Artist in Contemporary Culture
ART 003: Medium and Message
ART 012: Two-Dimensional Design and Color Concepts
ART 013: Three-Dimensional Design Concepts
ART 014: Color
ART 024: Drawing I
ART 025: Expressive Drawing
ART 026: Drawing II
ART 039: Multicultural Arts for Children
ART 046: Introduction to Ceramics
ART 047: Introduction to Metalsmithing
ART 061: Beginning Painting
ART 068: Beginning Sculpture: Object & Concept
ART 074: Introduction to Digital Media
ART 075: Introduction to Digital Video Art
ART 100W: Writing Workshop: Fine Arts
ART 101: Digital Media Art
ART 102: 3D Modeling and Printing
ART 103: Art as System
ART 104: Interdisciplinary Seminar in Digital Media Art
ART 105: Advanced Digital Video
ART 106: Topics in Human Machine Interface
ART 107: Advanced Projects in Digital Media Art
ART 108: Introduction to Game Studies
ART 110: History and Theory of New Media
ART 124: Drawing 3
ART 131: Glaze Theory and Applications
ART 132: Topics in Intermediate Ceramics
ART 133: Topics in Ceramic Sculpture
ART 134: Topics in Advanced Ceramics
ART 135: Topics in Moldmaking for Artists
ART 136: Ceramic Surfaces and Kilns
ART 137: Figure Modeling
ART 138: Studio Art Experiences for Young People
ART 139: Advanced Multicultural Art
ART 140: Topics in Glass
ART 141: Topics in Advanced Glass
ART 147: Topics in Metalsmithing and Jewelry
ART 149: Topics in Jewelry and Small Sculpture
ART 150: Introduction to Printmaking and Letterpress
ART 151: Topics in Screen-Printing
ART 152: Topics in Lithography
ART 153: Topics in Intaglio Processes
ART 154: Papermaking
ART 155: Topics in Monotype
ART 156: Intermediate Drawing
ART 158: Topics in Drawing III
ART 159: Advanced Life Drawing
ART 162: Watercolor
ART 164A: Intermediate Painting
ART 164B: Intermediate Painting II
ART 165: Topics in Figure Painting
ART 166: Topics in Advanced Painting
ART 168: Woodworking
ART 169: Topics in Metal Sculpture
ART 170: Topics in Fabricated Sculpture
ART 171: Advanced Sculpture
ART 172: Intermediate Sculpture: System/Structure
ART 173: Topics in Installation Art
ART 174A: Museum and Gallery Operations
ART 174B: Internship: Museum and Gallery Operations
ART 175: Special Topics in Studio Art
ART 176: Workshops in Studio Art
ART 177: Professional & Business Practices
ART 178: Art Field Work
ART 179: Special Problems in Art
ART 180: Individual Studies
ART 197: BA Senior Project
ART 198: BFA Seminar
ART 198D: BFA Seminar in Digital Media Art
ART 199: BFA Project
ART 200W: Professional Writing in Contemporary Art
ART 201: Aspects of Criticism
ART 202: Seminar in Spatial Arts
ART 204: Seminar in Pictorial Arts
ART 208: Graduate Photography Critique
ART 210: Seminar in Digital Media Art
ART 212: Image as Icon
ART 217: Tutorials in Pictorial Arts
ART 219: Tutorials in Spatial Art
ART 220: Tutorials in Digital Media Art
ART 221: Tutorials in Design
ART 222: Tutorials in Photography
ART 260: Special Tutorials in Art
ART 276: Artists Teaching Art
ART 281: Interdisciplinary Critique Seminar
ART 282A: Seminar in the Theory and Criticism of Contemporary Art
ART 282B: Seminar in Contemporary Art
ART 297A: Master's Special Study
ART 297B: Master's Project
ART 298A: MFA Special Study
ART 298B: MFA Project
ART 299: Master's Thesis or Project
ART 1290R: Thesis/Project Supervision

Art Education

ARED 150: Field Experience in the Arts
ARED 184I: Student Teaching for Art Individualized Interns
ARED 184Y: Student Teaching II - Classroom Teaching
ARED 184Z: Student Teaching III - Classroom Teaching
ARED 238: Principles of Art Education
ARED 365: Field Experience Seminar in Art Education

Art History and Visual Culture

ARTH 010: Art Appreciation
ARTH 011: Modern Art History
ARTH 015: Intro to Visual Culture
ARTH 070A: Art History, Prehistoric to Medieval
ARTH 070B: Art History, Renaissance to Modern
ARTH 070C: Arts of Asia
ARTH 072: Design in Society
ARTH 080: The Applied Arts in Interior Design
ARTH 100W: Writing Workshop for Art History and Visual Culture
ARTH 101: Introduction to Practice of Art History
ARTH 110: History and Theory of New Media
ARTH 126: History of Photography
ARTH 127: Photography, Film, and Architecture
ARTH 152: Visual Culture and Jewish Identity
ARTH 160: Modern Architecture
ARTH 161: Contemporary Architecture
ARTH 162: California Architecture
ARTH 163: Twentieth Century Urban Design
ARTH 174A: Museum and Gallery Operations
ARTH 174B: Internship: Museum and Gallery Operations
ARTH 175: Theories of Art History and Art Criticism
ARTH 176A: Graphic Design History and Theory
ARTH 176B: Industrial Design in Society
ARTH 178: Art History Field Work
ARTH 180: Individual Studies in Art History
ARTH 181: Special Topics in Art History
ARTH 182A: Art of the Americas
ARTH 182B: American Art
ARTH 183A: Art of Egypt and Mesopotamia
ARTH 183B: Art of Islam-Early Islam to the Seljuks
ARTH 183C: Art of Islam 13th-19th Century
ARTH 185: Art of the Classical World
ARTH 185A: Greek Art
ARTH 185B: Roman/Etruscan Art
ARTH 186A: Medieval Art from Fourth to Eleventh Centuries
ARTH 186B: Medieval Art from Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries
ARTH 187A: Art of the Italian Renaissance, Fifteenth Century
ARTH 187B: Art of the Italian Renaissance, Sixteenth Century
ARTH 187C: The Art of Renaissance Venice
ARTH 188A: Northern Renaissance Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
ARTH 188B: Northern Renaissance, Sixteenth Century
ARTH 189A: Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy and France
ARTH 189B: Northern Baroque Art and Architecture
ARTH 190A: Art of the Nineteenth Century
ARTH 190B: Early Modernist Art
ARTH 190C: 20th Century Art: from Dada to Pop
ARTH 191A: Issues in Contemporary Art
ARTH 191B: Women in Art
ARTH 191C: Contemporary Art in Mexico, the U.S., and Latin America
ARTH 192A: Modern Design
ARTH 192C: History of Interior Design
ARTH 193A: Worlds of Art and Culture
ARTH 193B: East Meets West in Art
ARTH 194A: Art of China
ARTH 194B: Art of India and South East Asia
ARTH 195: Art of Japan
ARTH 197A: The Art of Africa
ARTH 199: Art History Capstone Seminar
ARTH 270: Seminar in Ancient Art
ARTH 271: Seminar in Medieval Art
ARTH 272: Seminar in Renaissance Art
ARTH 273: Seminar in Baroque Art
ARTH 274: Seminar in Nineteenth Century Art
ARTH 275: Seminar in Twentieth Century Art
ARTH 276: Seminar in Oriental Art
ARTH 277: Seminar in Historiography
ARTH 278: Seminar in Myth and Symbol
ARTH 279: Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies
ARTH 291: Graduate Problems in Art History
ARTH 1290R: Thesis/Project Supervision


PHOT 040: Beginning Photography
PHOT 110: Black and White Photography
PHOT 112: Color Photography
PHOT 113: Alternative Photo Media
PHOT 114: Advanced Black and White Photography
PHOT 115: Intermediate Digital Imaging
PHOT 116: Contemporary Issues in Photography
PHOT 120: Image and Idea
PHOT 121: Introduction to Studio Lighting
PHOT 122: Advanced Studio Lighting
PHOT 123: Photography as Illustration
PHOT 125: Special Topics in Photography
PHOT 126: History of Photography
PHOT 129: Professional Practices in Photography
PHOT 180: Individual Studies
PHOT 197: Senior Project Photography