Anthropology Department

Minor - Values, Technology and Society

This interdisciplinary minor groups existing courses from a number of departments into an integrated study of the interaction of values, technology and society as they give shape and direction to the world in which we live. In particular, the minor focuses on the increasing recognition of the need to assert human values (in particular, moral, social, aesthetic and political values) given the accelerating development of modern technology and the associated increasing complexity and interconnectedness of our lives. Courses in the minor examine these themes as they are reflected in such issues as war and peace, the environment, health, modern science and technology, our use of computers, and the expression of values in our technological society through ethics, art, design and religion.

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Requirements of the Minor18
Complete one course from:
ANTH 011. Cultural AnthropologyD13
ANTH 013. ArchaeologyA33
Complete two courses from:
ANTH 132. Creating Built Worlds3
ANTH 143. Culture and Adaptation3
PHIL 110. Science, Technology and Human ValuesV3
TECH 198. Technology and CivilizationV3
Three courses (9 units) chosen from the following approved list selected in consultation with the program advisor; one additional core course may be substituted for an elective course with advisor approval. Students are encouraged to select courses that address one of the following program foci.
Complete three courses from:
People and Environments
BIOL 110. Biodiversity and BiopoliticsR3
ENVS 001. Introduction to Environmental IssuesD13
ENVS 150. Introduction to Environmental ThoughtS3
GEOL 111. Geology and the EnvironmentR3
METR 112. Global Climate ChangesR3
PSYC 173. Human Factors3
Health and Medicine
ANTH 151. Modernity and Disease3
HS 135. Health Issues in a Multicultural SocietyS3
SOCI 166. Medical Sociology3
Technology and Social Control
ANTH 136. Thought Control in Contemporary Society3
ANTH 173. Multimedia Anthropology3
ENVS 152. Globalization and the EnvironmentR3
RTVF 110. Media and CultureS3
Students may take up to 6 units of lower division coursework in completing the minor requirements.

Total Units:18