Anthropology Department

Minor - Native American Studies

The interdisciplinary minor in Native American Studies gives students a deeper knowledge of the rich cultural heritage of our continent's indigenous peoples. The minor provides students an opportunity to learn about the historical and contemporary struggles and achievements of Native Americans. Over the years our students have had the opportunity to work and study in collaboration with the Muwekma Ohlone, the Paiute, and other descendant communities. The Native American minor is particulary well suited for those seeking careers in heritage management or government.

University Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4).

Course Requirements

Requirements of the Minor18
Historical Core3
ANTH 164. North America before 14923
Cultural Core6
Complete two courses from:
AMS 159. Nature and World CulturesV3
ANTH 162. Inca, Aztec and Maya Civilization3
ANTH 175. Anthropology of Native America3
ANTH 176. Indians of California3
Additional Courses9
Complete three courses from:
ANTH 129. Environmental Anthropology3
ANTH 146. Culture and ConflictV3
ANTH 156. Bioarchaeology3
ANTH 165. Historical Archaeology3
ARTH 182A. Art of the Americas3
CCS 105. Chicanos: United States/Mexico Relations3
COMM 174. Intercultural Comm & Struct InequalityS3
HIST 181. Advanced Topics in American History4
HIST 189A. California History to 1900US34
SOCI 162. Race and Ethnic RelationsS3
WOMS 020. Women of Color in the USD23

Total Units:18

After consultation with an advisor, experimental courses (ANTH 195) may be used to fulfill minor requirements.