Anthropology Department


ANTH 011: Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 012: Introduction to Human Evolution
ANTH 013: Archaeology
ANTH 025: Human Lifecourse in Context
ANTH 100W: Writing Workshop
ANTH 105: Applied Anthropology
ANTH 107: Eating Culture: The Anthropology of Food
ANTH 108: Medical Anthropology
ANTH 114: Legacy of Asia
ANTH 115: The Emerging Global Culture
ANTH 122: Magic, Science and Religion
ANTH 125: Urban Anthropology
ANTH 129: Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 130: Kin, Kith, and Community: The Anthropology of Social Organization
ANTH 131: Theories of Culture
ANTH 132: Creating Built Worlds
ANTH 134: Systemic Leadership
ANTH 136: Thought Control in Contemporary Society
ANTH 137: California History for Teachers
ANTH 138: US History for Teachers
ANTH 139: World History for Teachers
ANTH 140: Human Sexuality
ANTH 142: Culture in Mind
ANTH 143: Culture and Adaptation
ANTH 144: Economic Anthropology
ANTH 145: Middle Eastern Traditions
ANTH 146: Culture and Conflict
ANTH 148: Religion and Anthropology
ANTH 149: Ethnographic Methods
ANTH 151: Modernity and Disease
ANTH 152: Becoming Human
ANTH 154: Monkeys, Apes and Humans
ANTH 155: Human Osteology
ANTH 156: Bioarchaeology
ANTH 157: Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 159: Mummies
ANTH 160: Reconstructing Lost Civilizations
ANTH 161: Old World Civilizations
ANTH 162: Inca, Aztec and Maya Civilization
ANTH 164: North America before 1492
ANTH 165: Historical Archaeology
ANTH 168: Archaeological Methodology
ANTH 169: Archaeological Site Excavation
ANTH 173: Multimedia Anthropology
ANTH 175: Anthropology of Native America
ANTH 176: Indians of California
ANTH 177: Anthropology of Asia
ANTH 180: Individual Studies
ANTH 184: Directed Reading
ANTH 187: Special Topics
ANTH 190: Designing Research
ANTH 191: Frontiers of Anthropology
ANTH 193: Behavioral Science in Practice
ANTH 195: Anthropology Practicum
ANTH 198: Special Projects
ANTH 230: Theory in Practice
ANTH 231: Applications Core
ANTH 232: Applications Core
ANTH 233: Fields of Application
ANTH 234: Advanced Research Methods
ANTH 235: Quantitative Methods
ANTH 273: Systems Approach to Community Health Problems and Program Design
ANTH 280: Individual Studies
ANTH 287: Special Topics
ANTH 298: Anthropology Project
ANTH 299: Master's Thesis
ANTH 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision

Organizational Studies

ORGS 101: People & Organizations
ORGS 102: Organizations, Inquiry & Analysis
ORGS 103: Organizational Studies Capstone