African American Studies Department

African American Studies

AFAM 002A: African Americans and the Development of America's History and Government
AFAM 002B: African Americans and the Development of America's History and Government
AFAM 022: The Humanities in African-American Culture
AFAM 025: The Changing Majority: Power and Ethnicity in America
AFAM 040: African Origins
AFAM 100W: Writing Workshop
AFAM 102: African-American Music
AFAM 105: Health, Justice, and the Black Experience
AFAM 106: Race and Culture in the African Diaspora
AFAM 110: Education of the Black Child
AFAM 111: African Nations: History, Politics, and Culture
AFAM 112: African Immigrant Communities in the U.S.
AFAM 115: The Black Community Past and Present
AFAM 119: Africana Philosophy and Culture
AFAM 120: Sociology of African American Communities
AFAM 125: The Black Family:Historical/Contemporary Realities
AFAM 130: Psychology of the Black Community
AFAM 133: Introduction to Social Issues in Planning
AFAM 134: The Black Civil Rights Movements
AFAM 137: Religion in the Black Community
AFAM 142: Race, Ethnicity, and the Law
AFAM 145: Urban Policy and Its Impact on Inner City Residents
AFAM 150: West African Drumming and Culture
AFAM 151: Race, Class and the Environment
AFAM 152: Black Women in the U.S.
AFAM 155: The Triumph and Tragedy of Black Athletes in U.S. History
AFAM 156: Black Women Writers: Race, Culture and Resistance
AFAM 157: Globalization and Technology in Youth Culture
AFAM 159: Economic Issues in the Black Community
AFAM 160: Blacks in U.S. Politics and Society
AFAM 161: Black Representations in Media and New Technology
AFAM 164: Survey of Black Business Organizations
AFAM 165: Topics in Ethnic American Literature
AFAM 166: African-American Women in History
AFAM 180: Individual Studies
AFAM 184: Directed Reading
AFAM 190: Internship in Community Development
AFAM 198: Senior Seminar in African-American Studies
AFAM 200: Colloquium in African Origins
AFAM 210: Seminar in African-American History
AFAM 220: Socio-Psychological Development of Black Community
AFAM 240: Seminar in Black Politics and Urban Problems
AFAM 298: Special Studies