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Aerospace Engineering Department

Aerospace Engineering

AE 015: Air & Space Flight: Past, Present, and Future
AE 020: Computer-Aided Design for Aerospace Engineers
AE 030: Computer Programming for Aerospace Engineers
AE 100: Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering
AE 110: Space Systems Engineering
AE 112: Aerospace Structural Analysis I
AE 114: Aerospace Structural Analysis II
AE 135: Introduction to Composite Materials
AE 138: Vector-Based Dynamics for Aerospace Applications
AE 140: Rigid Body Dynamics
AE 142: Astrodynamics
AE 157: Aerospace Automatic Control Systems Design
AE 160: Aerodynamics I
AE 162: Aerodynamics II
AE 164: Aerothermodynamics
AE 165: Aerospace Flight Mechanics
AE 166: Rocketry
AE 167: Aerospace Propulsion
AE 168: Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics and Control
AE 169: Computational Fluid Dynamics
AE 171A: Aircraft Design I
AE 171B: Aircraft Design II
AE 172A: Spacecraft Design I
AE 172B: Spacecraft Design II
AE 173: Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
AE 180: Individual Studies
AE 199: Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering
AE 200: Engineering Analysis and Control of Aerospace Systems
AE 210: Advanced Space Systems Engineering
AE 242: Orbital Mechanics and Mission Design
AE 243: Advanced Astrodynamics
AE 245: Spacecraft Dynamics and Control
AE 246: Advanced Aircraft Stability and Control
AE 250: Advanced Structures and Materials
AE 262: Advanced Aerodynamics
AE 264: Gas Dynamics
AE 267: Space Propulsion Systems
AE 269: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
AE 271: Advanced Aircraft Design
AE 273: Aircraft Subsystems
AE 280: Hypersonics and Reentry Systems
AE 295A: Aerospace Engineering Masters Project I
AE 295B: Aerospace Engineering Masters Project II
AE 297: Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering
AE 298: Special Projects in Aerospace Engineering
AE 299: Aerospace Engineering Masters Thesis
AE 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision