The following graduate degrees are offered at San José State University.

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Aerospace Engineering Department
   MS, Aerospace Engineering
Anthropology Department
   MA, Applied Anthropology
Applied Data Science Department
   MS, Data Analytics (Special Session Program)
Art and Art History Department
   MA, Art, Art History and Visual Culture
   MFA, Art, Digital Media Art
   MFA, Art, Photography
   MFA, Art, Pictorial Art
   MFA, Art, Spatial Art
Biological Sciences Department
   Certificate, Clinical Lab Scientist
   MBT, Master Biotechnology
   MA, Biological Sciences
   MS, Biological Sciences, Concentration in Ecology and Evolution
   MS, Biological Sciences, Concentration in Physiology
   MS, Biological Sciences, Concentration in Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Biomedical Engineering Department
   MS, Biomedical Engineering
   MS, Biomedical Engineering, Concentration Biomedical Devices
   Certificate, Advanced Accounting Topics
   Certificate, Accounting Fundamentals (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Business Analytics (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Advanced Global Leadership (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Tax Practice (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, International Taxation (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, High Technology Taxation (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Advanced Taxation (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, High-Speed Rail Management (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Transportation Management (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Transportation Security Management (Special Session Program)
   MBA, Early Career MBA
   MBA, MBA for Professionals
   MS, Accountancy
   MS, Taxation (Special Session Program)
   MS, Transportation Management (Special Session Program)
Chemical and Materials Engineering Department
   MS, Chemical Engineering
   MS, Materials Engineering
Chemistry Department
   MA, Chemistry
   MS, Chemistry
Chicana and Chicano Studies Department
   MA, Chicana and Chicano Studies
Child and Adolescent Development, Department of
   MA, Child and Adolescent Development
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
   MS, Civil Engineering
College of Science
   MS, Medical Product Development Management
Communication Studies Department
   MA, Communication Studies
Computer Engineering
   Certificate, Cybersecurity Engineering
   Certificate, Secure Test Engineering
   Certificate, Secure Software Engineering
   MS, Computer Engineering
   MS, Software Engineering
Computer Science Department
   Certificate, Cybersecurity: Core Technologies
   MS, Bioinformatics
   MS, Computer Science
Economics Department
   MA, Economics
   MA, Economics, Concentration in Applied Economics
Education - Communicative Disorders and Sciences, Department of
   MA, Education, Concentration in Speech Pathology
Education - Counselor Education, Department of
   Credential, K-12 School Counseling Specialization
   Credential, K-12 School Counseling Internship
   MA, Education, Concentration in Counseling and Student Personnel
Education - Ed.D. Educational Leadership
   EdD, Educational Leadership
Education - Educational Leadership, Department of
   Credential, Educational Leadership, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
   MA, Educational Leadership, Concentration in Administration and Supervision
Education - Special Education, Department of
   Certificate, Theory, Knowledge and Practice about Autism Spectrum Disorders
   Added Authorization, Special Education - Autism Spectrum Disorders
   Credential, Education Specialist Preliminary Teaching Credential: Early Childhood Special Education
   Added Authorization, Early Childhood Special Education
   Credential, Education Teaching Specialist Credential: Mild/Moderate Disabilities
   Credential, Education Teaching Specialist Credential: Moderate/Severe Disabilities
   MA, Education, Concentration in Special Education
Education - Teacher Education, Department of
   Credential, Single Subject
   Credential, Multiple Subject
   Certificate, Teaching Certificate in Common Core Mathematics (K-8)
   MA, Education, Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction with Multiple Subject Credential
   MA, Education, Concentration in Curriculum and Instruction (LACES)
Electrical Engineering Department
   MS, Electrical Engineering
English and Comparative Literature
   MA, English
   MFA, Creative Writing
Environmental Studies, Department of
   MS, Environmental Studies
General Engineering
   MS, Engineering
   MS, Engineering, Concentration in Electronic Materials and Devices
   Certificate, Advanced Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIS)
   MA, Geography
Geology Department
   MS, Geology
History Department
   MA, History
   MA, History, Concentration in History Education
Industrial and Systems Engineering
   Certificate, Six Sigma Green Belt
   Certificate, Six Sigma Black Belt
   MS, Engineering Management
   MS, Human Factors/Ergonomics
   MS, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Information School
   Credential, California Library Media Teacher Services
   Certificate, Strategic Management of Digital Assets and Services (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Post Master's in Library and Information Science (Special Session Program)
   MS, Informatics
   MLIS, Library and Information Science (also offered in Special Session)
   MARA, Archives and Records Administration (Special Session Program)
Interdisciplinary Studies
   MA, Interdisciplinary Studies
   MS, Interdisciplinary Studies
Journalism and Mass Communications
   MS, Mass Communication
Justice Studies Department
   Certificate, Collaborative Response to Family Violence (Special Session Program)
   MS, Justice Studies
   MS, Criminology, Concentration in Global Criminology(Special Session Program)
Kinesiology Department
   MA, Kinesiology
   MA, Kinesiology, Concentration in Athletic Training
   MA, Kinesiology, Concentration in Exercise Physiology
   MA, Kinesiology, Concentration in Sport Management
   MA, Kinesiology, Concentration in Sport Studies
Linguistics and Language Development Department
   Certificate, Graduate TESOL
   MA, Linguistics
   MA, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Mathematics and Statistics Department
   MA, Mathematics
   MA, Mathematics, Concentration in Mathematics Education (Not Accepting Students)
   MS, Mathematics
   MS, Statistics
Mechanical Engineering Department
   MS, Mechanical Engineering
Medical Product Development Management
   MS, Medical Product Development Management
Meteorology and Climate Science Department
   MS, Meteorology
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
   MS, Marine Science
Music and Dance, School of
   MA, Music, Music Education (Special Session Program)
   MM, Music
Nursing, School of
   MS, Nursing
   MS, Nursing, Concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner (Special Session Program)
   Certificate, Post Master's Nurse Educator
   DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice
Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging Department
   MS, Nutritional Science
Occupational Therapy Department
   Certificate, Mindfulness-Based Occupational Therapy
   MS, Occupational Therapy
Philosophy Department
   MA, Philosophy
Physics and Astronomy Department
   MS, Physics
   MS, Physics, Concentration in Computational Physics
   MS, Physics, Concentration in Modern Optics
Political Science Department
   Masters, Public Administration
Psychology Department
   MA, Psychology, Concentration in Research and Experimental Psychology
   MS, Psychology, Concentration in Clinical Psychology
   MS, Psychology, Concentration in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Public Health and Recreation Department
   MPH, Public Health
   MS, Recreation
   MS, Recreation, Concentration in International Tourism (Not Accepting Students)
Recreation Program
   MS, Recreation
   MS, Recreation, Concentration in International Tourism
School of Social Work
   Credential, Pupil Personnel Services (PPSC)
   Credential, Post-Master's Pupil Personnel Services (PMPPSC)
   MSW, Master of Social Work
Science Education Program
   MA, Science Education
   MA, Science Education with Single Subject Credential
Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Department
   MA, Sociology (Not Accepting Students)
   MS, Quality Assurance
Urban and Regional Planning Department
   Certificate, Affordable Housing and Community Development Finance
   Certificate, Applications of Technology in Planning
   Certificate, Community Design and Development
   Certificate, Environmental Planning
   Certificate, Real Estate Development
   Certificate, Transportation and Land Use Planning
   MUP, Urban Planning
World Languages and Literatures
   MA, Spanish