HIST 1290R

Culminating Experience Supervision

This course is offered in special sessions for 1 unit. It is repeatable up to 12 times. It is required of, and limited to, graduate students who have an outstanding RP grade in a preceding semester in a project or thesis class. If one has an outstanding RP, this course must be taken unless the student is enrolled in any other course. By outstanding, it is meant that the RP grade has not been changed to any other grade, including a CR or NC. The RP grade in the project or thesis course remains on the official record until a culminating memo has been submitted by the graduate advisor to the Office of Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations and the course instructor of the class in which an RP was received has petitioned for a grade change to CR. This course receives no degree credit and therefore cannot be used on the candidacy form or to fulfill graduation requirements. Prerequisite: HIST 299 Note: No Degree Credit

Repeatable for credit

No Degree Credit