AE 172A

Spacecraft Design I

First course in a two-semester sequence in which students work in teams to complete the conceptual and preliminary design of a spacecraft. Students are challenged to consider the relationship of aerospace engineering to the broader community. GE Area: S when taken with AE major option sequence. Prerequisites: Must be senior in good standing with C or better in AE20, AE162, AE165, ENGR 100W. Or graduate level. Passage of the Writing Skills Test (WST) or ENGL/LLD 100A with a C or better (C- not accepted), completion of Core General Education and upper division standing are prerequisites to all SJSU studies courses. Pre/corequisite: AE164, AE168, ENGR 195A Misc/Lab: Lab 9 hours. Note: Meets GE Areas S and V when course is taken in combination with: AE 172B, ENGR 195A and ENGR 195B. All SJSU Studies courses require completion of the WST and upper division standing.

Normal Grade Rules


General Education