Graduate Degree - Thesis - Approval

The last three steps in the thesis process are outlined below:

  1. After the thesis has received final departmental (graduate committee) approval, as indicated by committee signatures, the complete document should be emailed along with the completed Thesis Information Packet, available at Deadline dates for submission may be found at The deadlines are firm, and exceptions are extremely rare.
  2. The thesis will be read and returned to the student with an assessment by the staff from College of Graduate Studies as accepted without corrections, provisionally accepted with corrections, or not accepted.
  3. If the manuscript has an abundance of errors in formatting, grammar, punctuation or other writing parameters, corrections will have to be made. The advisors on the student's graduate committee should be consulted about these corrections. It bears repeating that the College of Graduate Studies staff reads and edits only portions of the manuscript, but it is expected that errors of the kinds indicated be corrected throughout the manuscript. If the manuscript is accepted with corrections, the student will be instructed to resubmit it within about a four-week period from the point of notification. If it is rejected, the revised manuscript may not be submitted until the following semester.