Thesis and Project Work - RP Status - Graduate

Under University Policy S17-5, Required Enrollment for Report-in- Progress (RP) Units, all graduate students who have an outstanding RP grade in a thesis or project course and who are taking no additional courses in a particular Fall or Spring semester must register for 1 unit of University Studies (UNVS) 1290R or a Departmental 1290R (Thesis/Project Supervision) through special session. This is to say that graduate students who have completed all requirements for their degree except their culminating experience are expected to maintain enrollment each semester. At this point, graduate students may not stop out for even one semester and cannot be granted leaves of absence for any reasons other than military leave and severe medical issues. Departments can require repeated enrollment in project or thesis classes each semester until completion, thereby precluding the need for the 1290R course.

Eligibility for the 1290R course is normally limited to those students with RP grades in a graduate-level project or thesis course taken during or after the Spring 2012 semester, but students who have received a "CR" grade in a project or thesis course prematurely (before their projects or theses have been completed and formally approved) or have received an incomplete in one of those courses are also subject to the policy and must register for a class every subsequent semester until finishing the degree. There are no formal class meetings for this course. Failure to register for this unit will result in a hold on graduation until the unit is retroactively added. At that time, late fees will apply. Registration is entirely online after the Add Deadline and, for domestic students, extending to approximately one month before the end of the semester. International students have a much narrower window because of the need to maintain their immigration status. The last day of registration for UNVS 1290R or Departmental 1290R for international graduate students is approximately but not shorter than one week after the Add Deadline. Eligible students will be notified of their need for the course by a message from the Registrar's Office via email a day or two following the Add Deadline each fall and spring semester. Students will not be able to register for the class before this time, and the class will not appear on the list of departmental offerings. A registration appointment will then be set up to allow the student to register via MySJSU. No permission codes are needed for the registration process; the space for a permission code should be left blank on the online registration form.

The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies is officially the instructor of record in all 1290R courses and is responsible for assigning the grades as well as establishing the courses with the College of International & Extended Studies each semester. Departments should not attempt to add 1290R courses on their own. To retroactively add a 1290R course, a "late" add form, available at, should be filled out (without instructor name) and either scanned and emailed or dropped off to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, who will sign it and return the signed copy by email to the student. The student should make payment for this class at the Bursar's window and then submit the proof of payment and the add form to the Registrar's counter at the Student Services Center.

The course must be taken only if no other courses are being taken in the same Fall or Spring semester. All degree requirements must have been completed to enroll in this course, as once students are converted to "special session eligibility" status, they will not be able to return to regular session status. Should any requirements other than the thesis or project remain, special permission will have to be obtained from the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies to return to "non-RP status." The basis for this stipulation is that, whereas it is conceivable that students are working on theses or projects before completing the remainder of their degree requirements, they should continue to take units in those subjects each semester. Once a student enrolls in UNVS 1290R or Departmental 1290R, he or she will not be able to take any additional courses. Students who have RPs on their records only prior to Spring 2012 are not subject to this policy unless they earn another RP in subsequent semesters.

Appeals of the enrollment requirement on the basis that the delay in completing the culminating report was beyond the student's control can be made to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Appeals must be made during the first two weeks of the semester following the posting of the RP. The RP grade in the project or thesis course remains on the official record until a culminating memo has been submitted by the graduate advisor to GAPE and the course instructor of the class in which the RP was received has petitioned for a grade change. Units earned in this course may not be used to satisfy degree requirements in a graduate program and may not appear on the candidacy form. Students should meet with their advisors if in need of further clarification.