Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students - 1290R

Continuous enrollment is required of all graduate students between completion of regular courses and satisfactory completion of the culminating experience. Graduate students who receive an RP (report in progress) grade in a thesis (299), project (often 298) dissertation (599), doctoral project (often 598), or other culminating experience course, as well as those who have completed course requirements but not the program comprehensive examination, may maintain enrollment by registering for other courses or by registering for one unit of University Studies (UNVS) 1290R or departmental 1290R (Thesis/Project Supervision) through Special Sessions for each Fall and Spring semester until completion. Effective with the Fall 2018 semester, graduate students preparing for comprehensive exams or completing a courses-only program culminating experience are included in this policy.

Graduate students who have completed their course work but are still working on their culminating experience (thesis, project or comprehensive exam) no longer may stop out for even one semester, and they cannot be granted leaves of absence for any reasons other than military leave and severe medical issues.

Departments may require repeated enrollment in project, thesis, or comprehensive exam-preparation classes each semester until completion, thereby precluding the need for the 1290R course. There are no formal class meetings for this course. Failure to register for this unit will result in a hold on graduation until the unit is retroactively added. At that time, late fees will apply.

Registration for 1290R

Registration for the 1-unit UNVS 1290R or departmental 1290R course must be delayed to give students the opportunity to enroll in other courses. Students who have an RP grade in a culminating experience course, a graduation date in the current or future semester, and no enrollment in other courses will be notified after the add period by the Registrar's Office and given appointments for the UNVS 1290R or departmental 1290R. Graduate advisors of courses-only programs and those with culminating experiences not attached to courses with the RP grade option will need to generate appointments by submitting student names to Graduate Studies. Students with appointments may then register online through MySJSU. No permission or add code is needed. Students will have until the last day of course instruction to register for the course. To maintain their immigration status, international students are encouraged to add the course as soon as their appointments are available. In each subsequent fall and spring semester, students still completing their culminating experience will have to register for this course and will be precluded from registering for any other. The RP grade in the project or thesis course remains on the official record until a culminating memo is submitted by the graduate advisor to the Office of Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations (GAPE), the course instructor in which the RP was received has petitioned for a grade change, and the student has submitted the online graduation application through their MySJSU account.

The Associate Dean of Graduate Studies is officially the instructor of record in all 1290R courses and is responsible for assigning the grades as well as establishing the courses with the College of Professional and Global Education each semester. Departments should not attempt to add 1290R courses on their own. To retroactively add a 1290R course requires the student to complete an online Enrollment & Grade for Retroactive 1290R Requests form, available at, and payment of associated tuition and fees.

More details on the continuous enrollment policy may be found in University Policy S17-5. Details on the RP (Report in Progress) administrative grading symbol may be found in University Policy S09-7.

For more information on required enrollment for culminating graduate students - 1290R, please visit the Graduate Studies website.