Repetition of Courses

Undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students (regular enrollment and Open University) may repeat courses only if they earned grades lower than a "C" (including "WU", "IC", and "NC").

Special programs, such as credential programs, that are governed by external standards may require grades higher than a C. In courses specific to those programs, a course repeat may be permitted when the grade does not meet the necessary standard.

Graduate students may repeat courses only if they earned grades lower than a "B" (including "WU", "IC", and "NC").

Repeating a course with an Incomplete ("I") grade is not allowed; a grade must be assigned or the "I" must revert to an "IC" prior to repeating the course. Repeating a course with an "RP" is allowed, although the course instructor and individual departments should be consulted for their requirements in this regard.

The limits on course repetition apply only to units completed at SJSU.

  1. See Repeating a class- Registration Restrictions for more information.
  2. Courses designated "Repeatable for Credit" may be repeated even though the original grade was "C" or better.
  3. The policies regarding repetition of courses with Grade Forgiveness or Grade Averaging (as described below) apply only to courses taken and repeated at SJSU.
Grade Forgiveness
Course Repeats with Grades Averaged
Duplicate Credit - Inadmissible Repeats