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One Semester Leaves

Students who have attended at least one semester as a matriculated student and who are in good or probationary standing may choose to leave SJSU ("stop out") for one semester (Fall or Spring) without a formal leave. Students choosing this option must return the following semester and continue their enrollment as matriculated students. If a student does not return in the semester following the one semester leave, he or she will be required to apply for re-admission to resume study at SJSU.

The exception to this rule is that graduate students who have completed all degree requirements except their culminating experience and who either have an RP grade in a project or thesis course or will be taking comprehensive exams may not stop out but must maintain continuous enrollment (see University Policy S17-5). They can do so by taking a 1-unit special session course designed for this purpose. Students should consult their department website or this catalog under the appropriate academic program to determine the course to take. Also consult the section in this catalog entitled Thesis and Project Work - RP Status - Graduate. At this stage of the graduate student career, leaves of absence other than medical or military will rarely be permitted.

Students in cohort programs may also be restricted in the semester of their return following a stop out or formal leave of absence. The individual program director or graduate advisor of the cohort program should be consulted before and after an absence to determine the semester of eligibility to return.