Graduation Requirements - Master's Degree

After being admitted to candidacy for the master's degree, the student is then required to

  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 ("B") in completing requirements in the graduate degree program. The program is defined as completed courses included in the original graduate degree program plus all additions or substitutions.
  • Complete all courses in the graduate degree program with grades between "A" and "C," or "CR." Grades of "C-" or lower, including "NC," "U," "IC" and "WU," are considered to be unsatisfactory. Should courses in the graduate degree program be completed with unsatisfactory grades, these grades must remain in the program and will continue to be computed in the grade point average of the program whether they are repeated or not.
  • Complete all requirements for the degree as listed in the degree template in the university catalog. Substitutions for core and other required courses in the template must be justified by graduate advisor petitioning of the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Complete an acceptable thesis, project or comprehensive examination. The thesis (Plan A) or creative project (Plan C) requires that one copy be submitted to the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. In Plan B, completed projects are submitted to the student's major department and a final comprehensive oral and/or written examination over the field of concentration for the degree must usually be successfully completed. Failure on initial attempts at these exams results in administrative-academic probation. Failure of the final attempt results in administrative-academic disqualification from the degree program. The program evaluator at GAPE is notified of passage of the exam by means of graduate advisor completion of the Verification of Culminating Experience memo.
  • Complete all work on the graduate degree program within seven years preceding award of the degree. If courses become outdated, the candidate should consult the section titled Graduate Degree - Time Limits on Courses in Graduate Degree Programs in this catalog concerning steps to be followed.
  • Apply for award of the master's degree by posted deadline dates through your MySJSU account two weeks after achieving advancement to candidacy.
  • Note that failure to clear incomplete ("I"), report-in-progress ("RP"), or report-delayed ("RD") grades will prevent graduation. An "I" obtained in a graded class results in an automatic grade change to an "IC" grade, which calculates to an "F" grade on the transcript, even after separation or graduation. In an ungraded ("CR/NC") course, the "I" reverts to a no credit ("NC") grade and is, therefore, also unsatisfactory for graduation if in a course on the candidacy form.
  • Be in good academic standing (cumulative 3.0 minimum GPA in Graduate Division) at San José State University to receive a degree from this university.