Graduate Degree - Master's Examinations - Finals

It is university policy to require final examinations or defenses in master's degree programs in all departments. Departmental requirements for these examinations vary; they may be oral, written, or a combination of both. Students following Plans A and C are usually examined primarily over areas of their theses or projects. Plan B students are generally required to demonstrate their competence by writing in a broad field of concentration, by taking comprehensive examinations, or by completing a broad course project.

In all cases, it is the candidate's responsibility to register through the departmental coordinator of graduate studies to take all required final examinations. The candidate's advisor and/or the departmental graduate coordinator will be able to supply general information concerning the nature of the examinations and recommended preparation for them.

The master's degree cannot be considered for conferral to the candidate until the major department certifies to the program evaluator at GAPE via the Verification of Culminating Experience memo that final examinations have been completed satisfactorily.