Graduate Information and Requirements

We appreciate your interest in pursuing a graduate career at San José State University. In this section you will find out more about SJSU, the programs we offer, our application process and requirements, and important deadlines and forms related to applying for graduate admission. Some additional external links that might be of interest to prospective students are also listed, including information about housing and other available services.

Admission - Graduate Programs (Doctoral, Master's, Credential, and Advanced Certificates)
Grading System for Graduate Work
Academic Standards - Graduate Students
Disqualification and Probation - Graduate Students
Graduate Work in Special Session
Graduate Work in Open University
Transfer Credit in the Graduate Program
Repeat Policy - Graduate
Change of Major or Degree Objectives for Graduate Students
Graduate Degree - Change of Status
Graduate Degree - Advancement to Candidacy
Graduation - Applying for the Master's Degree
Graduation Requirements - Master's Degree
Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) - Graduate
Master's Examinations - Finals - Graduate
Thesis and Project Work - RP Status - Graduate
Graduation - Facilitation
Institutional Review Board - Human Subjects Research
Master's Degree - Second
Interdisciplinary Studies Major- Graduate
Graduate Degree - Time Limits
Graduate Degree - Leave of Absence
Latin Honors - Not Available for Graduate Students
Thesis and Dissertation Requirements
Research - Office of Research
Organized Research and Training Units