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Course Repeats with Grades Averaged

  1. Undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students may repeat a maximum of 28 units for graduation credit (including units repeated for Grade Forgiveness; excluding grades of "W"). After the pool of Grade Forgiveness units have been depleted or used to the fullest extent allowable, the repeat grade shall not replace the original grade. Instead grade points and units from all attempts shall be calculated in the student's SJSU cumulative GPA and overall GPA.
  2. Graduate students may repeat a maximum of 9 units of upper division or graduate course work for graduation credit.
  3. Course repeats with Grades Averaged will be assigned automatically for all eligible courses as soon as a student registers. Once the pool of available units is insufficient for the next repeated course, unused units may be applied to a future course of lower unit value or simply left unused in the pool. If a repeated course is dropped prior to the Drop Deadline or a "W" is recorded for a repeated course, then the Grade Averaged units return to the pool of available units

Students who (1) have repeated the maximum allowable units, (2) are otherwise making appropriate progress to degree, and (3) still need to repeat courses to fulfill specific major or minor requirements necessary for graduation may petition for an exception to the 28-unit limit. Graduate & Undergraduate Programs and the Registrar's Office will administer the petition process. Any course(s) approved for repeating by this petition process will be Grade Averaged.