Graduation Requirement - Catalog Rights

Undergraduate students remaining in attendance in regular sessions at any California State University campus, at any California community college, or any combination of California community colleges and campuses of The California State University may, for purposes of meeting graduation requirements, elect to meet the requirements in effect at the campus from which they will graduate either:

  • at the time the student began such attendance, or
  • at the time of entrance to the campus, or
  • at the time of graduation.

Continuous attendance is defined as enrollment in at least one semester or two quarters in each calendar year. Absence related to an approved educational leave or for attendance at another accredited institution of higher learning is not considered an interruption, providing the absence does not exceed two years.

Campus authorities may authorize or require substitutions for discontinued courses and may also require students changing their major or any minor field of study to complete the major or minor requirements in effect at the time of the change. Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment will be held to any new requirements approved by the university at the time of their readmission.