American Institutions Courses

6 Units

  • All three requirements (US History, US Constitution, and California Government) must be completed from the following course work.
  • Courses do not satisfy Core GE unless there is a GE area designator in parentheses.
  • The WST is a prerequisite for HIST 170S and POLS 170V only.

Courses in American Institutions should expose students to alternative interpretations of the historical events and political processes that have shaped the social, economic, and political systems in which we live.

US History, US Constitution & California Government (US 1-2-3)
All of these sequences satisfy Core GE requirements listed in parentheses. All courses in the sequence must be completed to satisfy the requirement.
AAS 033A-33BAsian Americans in the US Historical & Political Process (D2/3)
AFAM 002A-2BAfrican-Americans & the Development of America's History and Government (D2/3)
AMS 001A-1BAmerican Civilization (C1/2, D2/3)
CCS 010A-10BMexican Americans & the Development of US History and Government (D2/3)
HIST 015 & POLS 15Essentials of U.S. History (D2)/Essentials of US & California Government (D3)
HUM 001A-1B^World Cultures & Societies - Honors (A2, C1/2, D2)
HUM 002A-2B^Modern World Cultures - Honors (A1/3, C/3, D/3)
American History Only (US 1)
HIST 015Essentials of U.S. History (D2)
HIST 020AHistory of the American People
HIST 020BHistory of the American People
HIST 170Topics American History
HIST 170STopics Am History: Am Identities (S)
US Constitution & California Government Only (US 2-3)
POLS 001American Government
POLS 015Essentials of US & California Government (D3)
POLS 170VAm Politics-Global Perspective (V)
California Government Only (US 3)
HIST 189ACalifornia to 1900
HIST 189BCalifornia from 1900
POLS 102State Government & Politics

^ = Eight GE areas, including third Area C, and all of American Institutions completed when the Humanities Honors sequence (HUM 1A/1B/2A/2B) is completed with grades of "C- or better."