Registration - Priority Groups

Current work-in-progress is used to determine class level for registration purposes. All priority groups are approved by the Student Success Committee of the Academic Senate.

Group One

Priority Students

Students who are required by external agencies such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, or by law, to receive priority. Students whose contributions to the university are recognized as being so extensive that their graduation would be postponed by the amount of time spent on their extracurricular duties. Students serving on Senate committees that require student participation in order to perform essential functions. Students who are part of any group that has a contractual agreement with SJSU to provide a full course load. Groups in this category include:

  • Accessible Education Center (AEC) students
  • AEC note takers
  • Associated Students Board of Directors
  • Student Fairness Committee
  • NCAA Athletics
  • Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) Students
  • Guardian Scholars
  • Honors at Entrance students
  • Reciprocal Exchange students
  • Veterans and active service members (as per Cal. Educ. Code %66025.8)
  • New entering educational equity students
  • Appropriately certified students with disabilities
  • Certain students who represent or serve San José State University
  • Students in certain programs with rigid registration requirements
  • Foster youths

Group Two

  • First-Time Freshmen (registration is completed through Frosh Orientation)

Group Three

  • All students who have applied for graduation

Group Four

  • Non-graduating Graduate students based on rotating alphabetical groupings

Group Five

  • Non-graduating Seniors based on alphabetical groupings

Group Six

  • Second Baccalaureate students based on alphabetical groupings

Group Seven

  • All other Juniors based on rotating alphabetical groupings

Group Eight

  • All other Sophomores and Freshmen based on rotating alphabetical groupings