Waitlist - Registration Issues

  • There is a time conflict with another registered class: compare the exact time of the classes for which you have registered--even a 15 minute overlap will prevent you from moving from the waitlist into the class. Since potential time conflicts are not checked when you place yourself on a waitlist, it is your responsibility to make sure that waitlisted classes do not conflict with your enrolled schedule.
  • You are already enrolled in another section of the same course: you will not be moved from the waitlist if space becomes available unless you drop the section you are enrolled in.
  • If you are repeating the course: you will not be moved into the class. Instructors will have the discretion to allow you to register for the class with a permission number during Late Registration--the first day of instruction through the last day to add.
  • For a course with components: you can waitlist in any section, but you must select all desired sections (lecture, lab and seminar). Space must open in all sections for you to be added to the class.
  • You will not be enrolled from the waitlist if a hold is placed on your record after you sign on to the waitlist. If--for any of the reasons given above--you cannot be moved from the waitlist, you will be skipped over and the next student considered. You will not be reconsidered until the next time space becomes available in the class.