Master's Thesis Requirements

Time is critical during the semester of submission of a master's thesis. Students must allow enough time for preparation of the draft, consideration by graduate committee members by the deadline dates set in departments, word processing, acquisition of permissions to publish, and the inevitable corrections. Students must leave time for the final reading and signing by the committee members. In most departments, a minimum of two months is needed for the entire process, and some departments require a longer period. Students should confer with each committee member in advance regarding the time each requires for review and whether each will be in town and available when the review and signatures are due.

All instructions for thesis and dissertation formatting and submission to Graduate Studies are located in the SJSU Master's Thesis Guidelines at

These instructions provide general guidance for authors of master's theses at SJSU. Examples of front pages are provided in the guidelines. Students should read the guidelines carefully and consult their advisors concerning the format of the thesis, the professional style guide to use, and journal articles to emulate, if applicable. The major department sometimes provides students with more complete formatting instructions. In rare cases, Graduate Studies will provide assistance.

SJSU participates in the University Microfilm International (UMI) Dissertation Information Service. Students completing theses and dissertations are required to email their committee-approved manuscript and accompanying documents to Graduate Studies according to the instructions provided in the SJSU Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines at

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