Planned Student Educational Leaves

An Educational Leave permits a student to be absent from regular attendance for one or more terms while maintaining continuing enrollment status. Applicants must have an intention to return to formal study within a specified period and a plan for how the time is to be spent. There must be a clear educational objective for award of the leave. At least one supporting letter from an advisor, mentor, or chair from SJSU as well as the consent of the associate dean of the college is also necessary.

The opportunity to apply for such leave is available to all non-international students except those attending their first semester and those in disqualified status.

Leave arrangements must be made in advance with the department in which the student is majoring. Undergraduate students in undeclared status will make leave arrangements with Academic Advising and Retention Services (AARS) in the Student Services Center. Graduate students will make leave arrangements with the graduate program coordinator in their department.

Leave forms and additional information may be downloaded at