Graduate Degree - Checking the Manuscript

Graduate Studies does not serve as an editor. The author and graduate committee members should carefully proofread the thesis or dissertation before it is submitted. A careful review should be used by the student as a guide to correcting similar errors in the entire manuscript. The review conducted by Graduate Studies should also be regarded as an indicator of problems to be addressed globally throughout the manuscript. Making only the changes specifically indicated, rather than applying the criticisms to the remainder of the document, would not only result in a flawed document but would also be beneath graduate school standards. Graduate Studies will reject a thesis or dissertation with excessive errors.

Students can prevent rejection of the thesis or dissertation by ensuring that the final manuscript is free of the following frequent errors: pages for which no numbers are assigned, failure to apply reference style consistently or to cite references when needed, careless spacing or centering, inappropriate margins, incorrect footnotes or bibliography entries, redundancy, awkward or unclear sentences, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, word-usage errors and inconsistencies in or lack of adherence to style-manual formatting rules.

Neither SJSU nor any of its separate offices or departments is responsible for matters concerning a student's relationships or agreements with any outside agency or individual consulted for manuscript preparation. Neither the university nor any of its offices will take part in disagreements between students and typists, editors or copy shops with regard to thesis preparation services, expected costs or billed costs. A student conducting thesis or dissertation research off site, for example at a local company, must be free to include all of it in the thesis or dissertation. SJSU's legal relationship is only with the student and his or her compliance with the rules set forth in this and related documents and does not include any obligations to the company in question unless expressly agreed upon in a separate legal document.