Graduate Work in Special Session

Special session is often confused with Open University (see section below). Although both are administered by the College of International & Extended Studies, they are different programs.

Special session classes are offered on a selective basis off campus, via different delivery modes or by schedules different from the regular session term. Matriculation is required for special sessions courses. Credit earned in 100-level, 200-level, or 300-level special session courses at SJSU is entered on the matriculated graduate student's record as graduate credit, provided the student holds an acceptable baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution at the time of enrollment in the courses. Courses taken through special session receive residence credit. Simultaneous enrollment in special and regular session is not possible at this time as students can only be classified in one type of session per academic term.

For further information concerning special session and policies, inquire at the College of International and Extended Studies, One Washington Square, Student Union, San Jose, CA 95192-0135, call at 408-924-2670, or