Repeat Policy - Graduate

University Policy F08-2 on course repetition stipulates that graduate students may repeat a maximum of 9 units in their graduate careers, regardless of the number of units required in a degree program. This total does not include classes the catalog indicates are repeatable for credit. If within this limit, a graduate student may repeat any 100-level or 200-level course in which a grade below a "B," including an "NC," "WU" or "IC," was received in the first attempt. The student's academic record will indicate the course repeated and the grade earned. Units attempted and grade points will be included in the student's cumulative GPA; therefore, the course grades will effectively be averaged. The additional units gained by repeating the course will not contribute to the degree total. Graduate students and 200-level courses are not eligible for "grade forgiveness."

Courses on the candidacy form in which a grade of any kind has been earned cannot be removed from the candidacy form; the grades will be averaged with other courses even when compensated for by additional coursework. Courses listed on the candidacy form in which grades of "NC," "I,", "IC," "RP," "RD," or letter grades below "C" have been recorded will prevent graduation until completed, repeated, or compensated for in another way. This is also true of courses in programs that have special grade requirements beyond those of the university standard, e.g., requirement of "B" grades in all core classes.

SJSU (only) courses can be repeated when they have gone beyond the seven-year time period for completion of master's or doctoral degree requirements. Teaching credential courses cannot be repeated if the 7-year limit has been broached. See the section Seven-Year Time Limit on Courses in Graduate Degree Programs.

See Repeating a Course- Registration Restrictions for more information about registering for a class you are repeating.