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Grading System for Graduate Work

Traditional letter grades are used for all courses taken by graduate students except for field work, thesis, project, individual study and internship courses, which are usually graded Credit/No Credit or Credit/No Credit/Report in Progress. Incomplete grades are not permitted for thesis or project courses, and Credit may not be given for a thesis or project course before completion of the coursework. Graduate students do not have the option of choice between the traditional or non-traditional grading system. A grade of Credit in a graduate-level course indicates performance by the student equal to a letter grade of "B-" or above.

The cumulative GPA for the master's degree (3.0 minimum) includes all letter-graded work in 100-level or 200-level courses completed within the preceding seven years and for which the student received graduate credit, excluding transfer courses taken at another institution and those taken as an undergraduate at SJSU. Both the cumulative GPA and GPA of all of the course grades on the student's candidacy form, with the exception of non-Open University transfer courses, must be at least at the 3.0 level. Both the cumulative GPA and the GPA of all courses on the candidacy form must be a minimum of 3.0.

The cumulative GPA of the graduate student is computed by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of graded units attempted at SJSU, excluding Open University courses that are not counted as degree requirements, subsequent to enrollment in the graduate school.