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GE Course Attributes

For more information about General Education Objectives visit the policies and procedure pages in this catalog.

GE AreaDescription
A1Area A1: Oral Communication
A2Area A2: Written Comm IA
A3Area A3: Critical Thinking
B1Area B1: Physical Science
B1+B3Area B1+B3: Phys Sci & Lab Sci
B2Area B2: Life Science
B2+B3Area B2+B3: Life Sci & Lab Sci
B3Area B3: Laboratory Science
B4Area B4: Mathematcal Concepts
C1Area C1: Arts
C2Area C2: Letters
C3Area C3: Witten Comm IB
D1Area D1: Human Behavior
D2Area D2: Comparative Systems
D2+D3*Area D2+D3 Comp Sys & Soc Iss
D3Area D3: Social Issues
EArea E: Human Undstdg & Devl
F1Area F1: American History
F2+F3*Area F2, F3: US Constitution & California Government
F3Area F3: California Government Only
F1+F2+F3*Multiple GE Areas: F1, 2, 3
M1*Multiple GE Areas: A1; C3; F1, 2, 3
M2*Multiple GE Areas: A2; D2; F1, 2, 3
M3*Multiple GE Areas: A3; D3
M4*Multiple GE Areas: C1; D2; F1, 2, 3
M5*Multiple GE Areas; C2; D3; F1, 2, 3
M6*Multiple GE Areas: D2; F1,2,3
M7*Multiple GE Areas: D3; F1, 2, 3
M8*Multiple GE Areas: C1: C2
M9*Multiple GE Areas: A3: C2
RArea R: Earth & Environment
SArea S: Self, Society & Equality in the U.S.
VArea V: Culture, Civilization & Global Understanding
ZArea Z: Written Communication II (GWAR)

* In some cases the GE area may not be met until the entire course sequence is completed. This also applies to other GE combinations not noted with an asterisk.