Doctoral Degree - Dissertation and Project - Copyright Permission

If a student copies a figure, table or a significant section of someone else's work and it is believed that the use of these copyrighted materials is beyond that permitted by "fair use," the student will be required to obtain separate written permission letters from the publishers or authors of the works cited. It must be indicated in the text or figure caption within the dissertation that the material is "copied with permission." The student should plan well so that permission letters will be received in time. If letters of permission are not submitted with the final copies of the dissertation, the College of Graduate Studies will not approve the dissertation, and UMI will not microfilm the work.

The permission letters should be included with the initial submission of the dissertation as well as when the dissertation is submitted for publication. For questions about the process, including whether permission is required for a particular insertion, contact the thesis coordinator at College of Graduate Studies.

College of Graduate Studies
ADM 146