College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP)

AP (Advanced Placement) Exams

SJSU grants credit toward its undergraduate degrees for successful completion of examinations of the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board. Students who present scores of three or better will be granted up to six semester units (nine quarter units) of college credit" for each exam (no duplicate credit granted). The number of units granted, course equivalence, and satisfaction of requirements vary.

Requires scores of 3-5 for credit to be granted as of Fall 2015

ExamUnitsCourseGE Credit and Comments
ACS3CHEM 030AArea B1 (3 units, no lab)
Art History6ARTH 070A & 070BAreas C1 or C2 (3 units)
Biology6BIOL 010Area B2 & B3 (4 units)
Calculus AB*3MATH 030Area B4 (3 units); ELM exempt
Calculus BC*6MATH 030 & 031Area B4 (3 units); ELM exempt
Calculus BC/AB Subscore*3MATH 030Area B4 (3 units); ELM exempt
Chemistry6CHEM 030AArea B1 & B3 (4 units)
Chinese Language & Culture6CHIN 001AArea C2 (3 units)
Comparative Govt & Politics3POLS 002Area D3 (3 units)
Computer Science A3CS 046ANo GE
English Language and Composition6ENGL 001AScore 3 = Area A2 (3 units); EPT exempt
English Language6ENGL 001A & 001BScore 4-5 = Areas A2 & C2 (6 units); EPT exempt
English Literature and Composition6ENGL 001A & 010Score 3 = Area A2 & C2 (6 units); EPT exempt
English Literature6ENGL 001A & 001BScore 4-5 = Areas A2 & C2 (6 units); EPT exempt
English Literature6ENGL 001A & 010Score 4-5 = Areas A2 & C2 (6 units), at student's request; EPT exempt
Environmental Science4Elective creditArea B1 & B3 (4 units)
European History6HIST 010A & 010BAreas C2 or D2 (3 units)
French Language & Culture6FREN 001AArea C2 (3 units)
German Language & Culture6GERM 001AArea C2 (3 units)
Human Geography3GEOG 010Area D (3 units)
Italian Language & Culture6ITAL 001AArea C2 (3 units)
Japanese Language & Culture6JPN 001AArea C2 (3 units)
Latin3LATN 001AArea C2 (3 units)
Macroeconomics3ECON 001AArea D1 (3 units)
Microeconomics3ECON 001BArea D1 (3 units)
Music Theory6Elective creditNo GE
Physics B**6PHYS 002AAreas B1 & B3 (4 units) [ends Fall 2015]
Physics 1**4PHYS 002AAreas B1 & B3 (4 units)
Physics 2**4PHYS 002BAreas B1 & B3 (4 units)
Physics C, Elec & Mag**4PHYS 051Areas B1 & B3 (4 units)
Physics C, Mechanics**4PHYS 050Areas B1 & B3 (4 units)
Psychology3PSYC 001Area D (3 units)
AP Seminar3Elective CreditNo GE
Spanish Language and Culture6SPAN 001AArea C2 (3 units)
Spanish Literature and Culture6SPAN 001BArea C2 (3 units)
Statistics3SOCI 015Area B4 (3 units); ELM exempt
Studio Art, 2D Design3ART 012No GE
Studio Art, 3D Design3Elective creditNo GE
Studio Art, Drawing3ART 024No GE
U.S. Govt & Politics3Elective CreditArea D3 & US 2 (3 units)
U.S. History6HIST 020A & 020BAreas C2 or D2; & US 1 (3 units)
World History6Elective creditAreas C2 or D2 (3 units)

*Students may receive credit for only one calculus exam.

**If a student passes more than one AP exam in Physics, only 6 units of credit will be granted, and only 4 of those units will be applied to GE.